A second thank you

Inspired by @DuneCrawler I have decided to make a thank you post. This game has quickly become one of my top played games in just under a week. The graphics are amazing, the game play is outstanding and the community is really nice. I stumbled upon this game expecting it to be a regular old iPad game that you play and then delete. Little did i know that I would be playing everyday for 5+ hours each day. The devs are amazing, they live in a different country but it doesn’t stop them from reaching out to the community and helping with bugs and problems. The best part of this game by far is the free to play aspect. They don’t have ads and they don’t make you pay for this awesome game. This is the best free to play game I have ever played. That saying I have bought goldies and I don’t regret it. When you buy goldies you are helping the game therefore I would do it again. The devs spent a lot of time and effort into making this game and I would just like to appreciate that and say thank you.


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