A320 is not clear as other aircraft models


I think when I zoomed in A320 it doesn’t have much clarity then other aircrafts(especially the pilot wind shield) like b777 or B737. So, did anyone observe that?

Thank you
Sai Kothapalli

This is because it is an old model, it’s planned to be redone after the A350, patience please


everyone did :sweat_smile:

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I mean guys cool down about the A320 remodel I have been wanting an A320 remodel for about 3 years. It will happen after the A350 remodeled around June July is my guess.

the devs said march. Obviously with the a350’s delay I am guessing about april now

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Wait they said the entire family by March? I don’t know if that’s a realistic goal with the absurd amount of liveries they have to do.

I wonder if the current A320 liveries could be transferred over. If so, it may be a feasible goal

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Nope, completely different model. No way to transfer

Have some trust. The B77W and B744 also had a huge amount of liveries. And they were done relatively quickly too if my memory serves me right

The update they were in took a year and a half

The thing that took a year and a half was all the new game features and the contracts system. If I remember clearly, all the liveries were already posted on the “feedback” page on the website(since the weren’t posted on the forum at the time) by the end of summer, while simultaneously working on the other new features. The new liveries included 77W liveries, 744 liveries, dhc6 liveries, 738 liveries, and a332/a333 liveries and some liveries from other planes. And that doesn’t even include the player liveries.

The other thing: we don’t know where they are in development. It’s not likely that they are finishing models and doinf livs but we don’t know, so we can’t say anything about dates

Yes, but you have to consider B744 and B77Ws still took a good 3 months or so, and there’s far more A320 family liveries than those two combined.

I would be very happy if it was done by March, and I’m not saying it’s impossible. But I really don’t see that being a realistic goal given the workload, so I don’t think anyone should get their hopes up.


When did they say that? I mean that would be fantastic, but we never saw a model or any liveries like the A350, and they would have to be more than halfway done for a March release (going off previous progress trends)

This forum is gonna go crazy the day they preview the A320 :joy:


Watch lhr stream

still need to finish the remodule of the B772 and add it back

That by far isn’t priority right now, considering there is a new airport and probably the largest aircraft family in the game to still be remodeled

B772 was never in the game to begin with, so it’s not a remodel. I’d imagine it’d be one of the first few new aircraft though.


That might be right but I’m pretty sure they’re only doing the A320CEO for now. So if we assume they’ve started work in august it might actually be possible

I heard repeatedly it was either the entire A320ceo family and then the neo family, or all at once, depending on how things went.

A320 by itself, sure, assuming they’ve already started it (which we have no physical evidence of) AND they’re only doing liveries that currently exist (little or no new ones). Anything more than that, well, I’m certainly not getting my hopes up.

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