A350 remodel

Is a work in progress. Both models (A359 and A35K) are planned (as expected). The model is complete and liveries are started.


@carlsberg72 is january still a reasonable timeframe?
The models look unreal btw

Given they are painting liveries, entirely possible, but I am hedging my bets by saying Early Feb might be more realistic because of some of the fixes that need to be made after 2.2.2


Will there be multiple variants such as the a350-900 and the 1000?

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Awesome! Could the devs also consider making the jetbridge attach to the 2nd door of L aircraft for single jetbridge gates as well as add some more camera angles for LHR

Yes, this was both previously known and confirmed today

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That has been already confirmed! Variants from the big two should finally cover all variants.

However, it is unclear that how many airlines will be included in this model update.

What variant are the current A350s going to be exchanged with???

A35k but a few of them like the delta one will most likely be turned into a359 unless they decide to keep the a35k for then since they have it on order. But from what I saw with the 744 rework the delta one and a few others like SAS will probably be turned into a359


It’s good to finally see the A350 liveries.


I hope we can also make the small drum bag on our A350.


@carlsberg72 will Iberia and Finnair L plane contracts be available in LHR after 2.2.3 update?


I don’t know and the devs will likely not tell me at this time I’m afraid



I think that might have just been during the pandemic, because a bunch of European airlines started using widebodys to routes within Europe like Air France, British airways, and Lufthansa


Nope, Iberia send up to 2 daily wide bodies to LHR, normally an A330 and A350 but some days it can be just an A330. I believe it’s to do with cargo demand on the route, so it makes sense economically to send the widebodies. BA themselves use to send a lot of widebody aircraft on short routes, like regular 777s to MAD and 767s to EDI, AMS, FCO, ZRH and OSL


They still have them?

Nope, retired in 2018 I believe. I got to fly on one (G-BNWB) from EDI to LHR, far more interesting than the A320s

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Oh, cool! Certainly not old enough to prevent them from being in the game.