Ability to turn Airplanes you own into cargo

So, i got this idea of being able to turn some of your old aircrafts like a B738 already going to scrap into a cargo one. (I don’t know if anyone already had this idea)
How would it work:
Instead of scrapping it or selling it for sliver lions you would be able to convert it into cargo, price would variate between aircraft classes.

We would also need a rework on the cargo values, to actually make this effective.

Yeah, something like this has been put forward and according to his post, @TomMordon has forwarded it to the devs.

Yes I have reccomended this before, also you wouldn’t happen to be a war thunder player would you?
LOL just screwing around, and letting you know of the typo

Yeah, at the time i think i watched the new F16A in WT so i guess why I typed silver lions.

I see why, I am hyped for that too, anyways this is the wrong place for it.