Convert to cargo

So here’s something that makes the game a little more realistic on the aircraft ownership side of things
convert to freighter
Only available for planes that currently have a freighter variant
At maintanence D instead of scrap, it should say “convert” and then the plane will become a freighter and be able to live on, as well, to make people want to do that, the SP earning for the maintanence C after conversion will be raised by 50 SP

Just an Idea I thought I would throw out, any ideas to add or thoughts?


Never thought of this, I think this would be a great addition into the game! Although, if the player did not have the cargo version of the aircraft unlocked it wont be able to be converted? That would make more sense

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This is actually such a great idea, I’ve just sent this thread on to the devs to see if it’s technically feasible or not and whether it can be added for future consideration.

Will let you know what I hear back.


Leveling gives you all kinds of planes you haven’t unlocked. Doing a cargo conversion would be a neat alternative path to acquiring more types of freighters without becoming a “customer” of (i.e. unlocking) that aircraft type.

Any news?

Sadly nothing yet

It’s been like 3 months, still nothing?

Seems like a good idea. It would fit to the new update quite well since they plan on changing maintenance either way. I’m not sure how the devs would see this change though since less players would be unlocking cargo Aircrafts. Maybe you could connect this feature with the ‘used airplane market’ feature.

I will report this feature once again.
Not bad idea.

So after thinking about it a bit longer I think it could work after all.
To make sure the players are still interested in unlocking freighter varients you could make it so the player can’t convert the plane to a freighter unless he has the freighter unlocked already. It wouldnt have the benefit of acquiring cargo Aircrafts without unlocking them anymore though.
But it could still work with reward planes you haven’t unlocked e.g. you have the 734F unlocked but not the 734. You get the 734 as a reward plane at NGO. As originally suggested you can convert the 734 to the 734F after it reached Maintenance D. It would meet the requirements above as the player has the freighter unlocked.

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Conversion of Civil planes is happening in real life by special order to Small Aviation companies looking to buy planes for Freight. Like 737’s to some A320’s (not so old planes).