Air China (A359)

Star Alliance logo is missing! As well as the Chinese text on left body being inverted in order

In comparison, this picture shows how it should be looked like irl


Look, I get it, but I don’t see the need to nitpick on every livery when I’m sure the guy making the model and liveries has been breaking his back trying to get these done on time.


Due to the limits of the game, it will be a blurred dot anyway. If the liveries could be rendered of higher end PCs sure but it’s a mobile game.


same issue on right side of B77W Air China livery

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Thank you. Will be corrected.


Hi Tom,

I messaged you regarding the 3 golden plane award from the screenshot competition roughly 15 days ago and still have not gotten a response.

I was wondering how I could redeem my 3 Golden Planes. My username is xjBtQtfwODVZvJrfzxdS, my nickname is TamperedReality.


I also messaged you about the 3gp from the December competition over a month ago. My username is PizzaIsKool711682 and it would be nice if I could get a response soon.

Hello. I am now getting through connest rewards. Expect your reward soon.

Which month?

January, Screenshot competition - #225 by horsepowergeek

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I got it. Thank you!