Screenshot competition

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or night


This month we had 3 clear winners
3rd place goes to @Mr_Jangle with his very British LHR, courtesy if the French

2nd place goes to @SamJ with his departing B788

And finally, 1st, with a last minute submission and a very close up shot, is @TamperedReality with 9 likes

Please message @TomMordon to claim your rewards

Now, for a new month

Love is in the air
February, most well known for valentines day, is a very short and sweet month, so for this month’s theme, I want you to show one airline that you love, be it their livery, or their service, tell a story while you’re at it (not required)
Any airport
Must also be an in game screenshot and an in game airline


1st with 3 golden planes
2nd with 2 golden planes
And 3rd with 1 golden plane

Now good luck! Submissions close the 29th, voting ends 24hrs after that.