Airport Suggestion - GIB

Like everyone else I would love to pitch my local airport at the designers, its got this it’s got that … at the end of the day I love my airport because I fly in/out of it. So I’m moving on to possibly the most unique airport I’ve ever flown in/out of: GIB Gibraltar.
1 - It has a single runway 1.6 km, so only S & M planes could land (I don’t think the B738 could).
2 - The primary Carriers are British Airways and Easy Jet (already in the game).
3 - Most scheduled flights are AT7 and A319 (can we pretend the A319 is an A320 ?) both in game.
4 - The runway is crossed by a street with cars and pedestrians, the road closes when a plane is on approach. There are videos on Youtube I can post links if anyone is interested.
5 - There’s sea water at both ends of the runway, the Rock of Gibraltar is a pretty cool looking piece of granite.
6 - It’s not a huge airport, I believe there are 5 commercial gates. The airport is used by the RAF.
7 - The Taxi ways are few, it’s about as complicated as INN.

Take a look:

British Airways Traffic

Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic

If nothing else I enjoy sharing this marvel of an airport with the rest of you airport lovers.


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