Arrivals System Update

Does the new Arrivals System Update apply to user-owned, other-owned and/or generic?

I think it applies to all the planes except user-owned, because they don’t time out anyway.

It can only be for generic planes. Your own planes stay there as long as you land them anyway and other player planes won’t wait that long (at least I hope because I want my planes back at some point and not waiting until someone else continues playing).

The problem I see with that is that you can’t ignore generic planes anymore then. Just thinking on airports with limited L/XL Stands like Bari or San Diego. If you know there are connection player planes arriving soon you can’t “reserve” stands anymore. Especially in Bari with the crazy long taxiing times and only two stands it will be pretty annoying.


Now Bari airport connections Handeling is gonna be more difficult :joy: :joy:

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yeah, this will be problem, even more with L/XL-planes from other players where you don’t have connections or generic A380s. usually i refuse those because they’re blocking possible arrivals of my connection partners but now this won’t be possible

Just got a confirmation from the Discord channel, user-owned planes will also be affected by the system.

What the hell have the devs done???

Just played the new update in SAN Diego. If your L/XL Stands are full you have no control over your airport anymore. The timer runs out for ALL planes even for your own! Once that happens you can’t choose the stands for your planes anymore and they land and park randomly at your airport.

Probably all small airports are unplayable now because you can’t avoid any arrival queues anymore. Crazy!!!

But hey you have more camera angles now to screenshot your planes :smiley:


ugh, thank god I’m playing just at IAD at the moment :no_mouth:

Lucky you! PRG, BRI and INN will be horrible to play now.

I really don’t see the point of this update. They have stolen the game the last bit of personal strategy. Now it is just a “click as fast as possible game”.

Can anyone please explain the advantage of this to me? Maybe I don’t see it (yet).

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Now it is just waiting for the ramp agent:

And the game plays all by it self :woozy_face:


:rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy:

Instead to focus on own hangars, alliances, better game flow, new seasons etc. we get camera angles, automatic handling and no influence of arriving planes… Wow!


And I am also disappointed with the lack of custom liveries. I like all my planes to have the same livery.


We really need alliances now
Its becoming a need in the game now

Just to let you know, if the timer runs out for own planes just go back to main menu before you have the next stand available. If you go back to the game then the timer starts from the beginning again and you can choose what plane you want to land next:

I think it would have advantage for the new players and also to the olda players
for new players who are just starting with inn they would not have to worry about the plane landing time getting over and also the same thing applies to bari and prague due to their long taxiways
for us the old players It can make sense for the connection planes
like due to some mistake if the connection plane timer runs out, it would not disappear insted it would wait for the stand to get clear
which would be very helpful for some players having active connections in bari

I know what you are saying but it was already a very very easy game and now no strategy is needed anymore. You can’t do something wrong anymore. Where is the point of it?

You only have to wait and then click for the handling services.

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I’m not happy at all with this new arrival queue! There’s no way to keep up with a personal playing strategy. (E.g. gate allocation by alliance, domestic/international, schengen/non-schengen, …) Also, personal planes have a timer and will be auto-allocated a stand! I hope they either reconsider this feature or develop the option to disable destinations/airlines.


I think this is going towards reality
In real life If a plane has a destination airport it lands on the respective airport and cannot land on any other airport unless an emergency or due to bad weather conditions
This is real
The game would develope some strategy based concepts with addition of new features like alliances, own hanger, temporary closure of stand for maintainance, airplanes market etc.

Yes and no, I don’t know… Without a landing approval no plane will ever land at any airport and it would never choose a gate on its own.
If you don’t land them in time you got punished by a reduction of your level points. Didn’t work this well?