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I Created this place where you can talk about avation in general. You can talk about your favorite airline (mine is delta ) Favorite airplane manufacturer. Your expirences of plane trips, and also recent events like Boeing and planes not working (Alaska Airlines ) or favorite airports and a lot more. I also saw that this hasn’t been created before( as far as i know) so what do you guys think about this. Enjoy! :smile:

As someone who lives in Seattle I find this mildly annoying lmao


I would contend it was Boeings fault, not Alaskas

i know its boeing fault

I am not a fan of general aviation topics on the site, because there are plenty of other places on the net to do that, and this is a WOA specific forum. So i will be watching this thread closely, if it starts getting out of hand for any reason, I won’t hesitate to shut it down. Thanks


Actually it was Spirit Aerosystems fault for using missing bolts to attach the plug door to the aircraft. I won’t say it’s Boeing fault by offering an aircraft with a plug door but that is different to a disabled door cause a disabled door they have all the mechanisms only they added a wall away from the mechanism while a plug door is where they plug it up with metal and is also if they need to enable the door they will have to replace the entire door instead of removing the wall of a disabled door.

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I’m also putting a little blame on the FAA. Not much though. They decided to certify Boeing planes themselves a while back, well before this airframe was made. This went past their inspection (which is understandable), and they certified it. I guarantee if the bolts were loose, it would not have been certified.
It is mostly on Boeing and Spirit Aerosystems though.

I understand

Obviously Boeing inspections should have caught it tho

And if they let it pass Boeing should be fined or disciplined by the aviation regulators around the world

I would even contend that while Boeing should have some blame on their shoulders… Spirit Aviation, who’s built all the airframes of the planes with found issues so far, bears a large chunk of the blame. Yes, inspections by Boeing should’ve caught that. But, Spirit Aviation should’ve never sent this many faulty airframes.

Beoing is the easiest to place blame on… it’s the biggest name and biggest target. Ultimately, with this systemic of an issue reaching Boeing, the real fault is earlier in the production line.

i really understood the same

On the topic of the Alaska 737 MAX 9, I think the emergency exit door should be mandatory no matter what the seating configuration is. It is always better to be more safe than take a risk.

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I want to know what are you guys favorite airline is mine is delta what are yours

Or even better to disable it by adding a wall between the seats and the door

I think mine is Lufthansa

Airbus or Boeing

Boeing(cuz of the 747)

It depends.
Boeing for me it’s made some aircraft that are remarkable like the 707, 747 and 737 and even for me the 737 is a powerful beast however I am not a fan of the quality of its aircraft like the 737Max as it almost caused another incident
Airbus for me has some revolutionary aircraft like the A300 and A320 and they are getting more and more popular and they have at least 10 factory all around the world producing aircraft. But when the A350 came to service it was a Game changer from lovely Passenger experience to revolutionary economics.

Thought if I had to choose 1 company I am leaning towards Airbus although Boeing has developed aircraft that is my Favourite like the 747 and 737 Airbus it’s more comfortable and for me a much better quality than Boeing


That is true now that think of it. Never have I ever felt unsafe on an airbus. I guess it’s just me living in Canada which is very Boeing heavy. I’ve only flown on airbus four times; twice with air Canada a330, once with air Canada a321, and once with emirates a380(although I was five so I don’t remember much)

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