Bari Connection & Taxiing Problems

Bari is not working, Bari is not working, I’m losing a connection with @Danny747 , the screen is just like that. Does anyone know why?


Good morning, no one else is having problems at Bari airport ??
mine is on this screen since I sent the first message

I did not saw that yet. I pointed it out to dev team already.

ok , thanks

I will pass an image of the screen that is crossed

Just to clarify, the other IAD, PRG, INN airports are operating normally

I’m not sure what’s happening. I don’t have this problem though when I leave the game and head back 15-20 minutes all the planes are in the red. This is happening at PRG.

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Accident, plane skids and leaves the runway, my Bari is in serious trouble

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after staying almost 10 hours closed due to the plane that skidded on the runway e190 B4rrerita Airlines, the airport security team cleared the runway for landings and takeoffs in BARI :alegria: :alegria: :alegria: :alegria:

Woah what the heck. That’s so damn cool!

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@RudiMentaer75 Here, as I said, I even joked that my B4rrerita airlines plane had skidded on the runway causing the airport to close for 10 hours