BRI-INN Connection Requests


Use this thread for BRI-INN Connection Requests. make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting

Looking for a inn connection , my id " niranjanjaya"

Just tried to make a connection. Do you still need this one?

Username : bsharpyy

@747_is_cool this is the thread you should check for that connection

Ok, I see

Need connection
ign is mittsone
-5 UTC
Off and on during the day


Looking for a connection from my Bari to Inn

I’m +2 time, playing on/off during the day, but can handle the most of your time.

What is your ign?

Sry, but already found a connection

I randomly login every day, generally at night. AArden2019 is my user name

I’m on a lot off and on. Have a lot of planes I can send.
ID: Seanlr86
UTC: -7 or -8

Looking to connect my INN to a BRI

Name: Wazz evar!
Time: UTC +1 (Europe)
Playing time: during day, but most active in evening


I’m looking for connction from
my BRI to your INN

My timezone is UTC+2 central Europe, and I play from morning to evening
I have a lot of M size planes

Username: kryll26

I’m waiting for request…

Playing at bri if u need connection I’m available.

UTC +2

username - liquidaura51

request sent from prg,
and i send also from inn


  1. MeteoricWretch16
  2. UTC-4 until 11/7/2021; After 11/7/2021, UTC-5 until 3/13/2022
  3. I play between 7:30-15:00


playing at BRI if u need connection I’m available for these connection:


UTC +2 since end of october
UTC +1 from november

username - RoyIT2020

Playing mostly every day 8-15/17

I need connection for BRI.
I am at INN.
My ID is “hungrydiplomat17445”.
Time zone is UTC +5:30.
I stay online from 6AM to 11PM. Kindly contact…

Playing at INN. Looking for connect from BRI and MCT. Please make sure you have al least three planes can sent to me everyday.

Username- Charles.Wang0818


Player ID : =UpLift=

Note : Now I have “AT76” 3x only :sweat: