BRI- LEJ Connections requests

Use this thread for BRI-LEJ. Currently S and M aircraft only on departures from BRI, Max 5 of each type

I’m looking for connection from my BRI to your LEJ
username: kryll26
Timezone: UTC+1
playing: daytime
I have a lot of planes
waiting for your request

Looking for connection

Username: marechkon33

UTC-8 feel free to add

Please connect with me on this route

Username: epgames1808


Looking forward for your connection

what is the usual time you play?

I am in GMT+8 so only 1 hour difference.
You can send your planes from morning to evening (around 8 pm).

Just started in LEJ, so just having 1x S Plane at the moment but will get more :slight_smile:


Needing a BRI-LEJ connection
GMT -8
Have a ton of planes to send just need the connection :blush:

Hi, are you looking from your BRI? Just to clarify, I am currently fully open with all sizes, I also have one 734f I can send, if you want to connect, my usernamr is horsepowergeek, thanks!

Your BRI my LEJ


Username: Patista