BRI-MCT Connection Requests


Use this thread for BRI-MCT Connections Requests, Make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting here.

After a long Hiatus from the game i am available for



What’s your Timezone?!

@ukplanespotter757 planes sent I hope they’re not too late for you

This set works fine for me!

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Looking connection
From my BRI to your MCT

User ID : JW-BlueLabel
Timezone : UTC+8 , mostly playing in morning or sometimes at evening.

User ID: jocker244
UTC: +8
Morning and evening.

Still no connection!!!

Looking for connection my bri
Is: PamperedJogger1172
play mostly between 1500 and 2000 utc

Looking for a connection

In-game name: ThiruAirlines
UTC: +9:30
Play at random time
Feel free to privatly message me aswell!

Looking for a connection between my BRI and your MCT
Username: rubensoons
Timezone: UTC+2 (NL)
Play mostly between 07:00 and 15:00
I will send my planes as soon as I can, and I aim to handle all incoming planes

My fleet at BRI: Small: 1x ATR-76, 2x BAe-146 (not applicable for this connection)
Medium: 2x A320, 2x B737-800, 1x B737-8F (not applicable for this connection)
Large: 2x B777
Next to be added: B777 number 3 which will be used for this route.
(Connection is open so feel free to add or send me a message)

Timezone: UTC +1 (+2)
IGN: SaxonianAirlines

I have a two week rhythm.
Week A: late morning and late evening.
Week B: in the afternoon

It’s possible that times can also change within the rhythm


Looking for connection!

UTC -7

Username: bsharpyy

Looking for connection
from my BRI to your MCT

My username: kryll26

I have M size planes
My timezone is UTC+2 (morning to evening)

Hi just sent you connection request

I can’t see it :frowning:


I’m still looking for connction from
my BRI to your MCT

My timezone is UTC+2 central Europe, and I play from morning to evening
I have a lot of M size planes

Username: kryll26

I’m waiting for request…


  1. In game name is MeteoricWretch16
  2. UTC-4 until 11/7/2021; After 11/7/2021, UTC-5 until 3/13/2022
  3. I play between 7:30-15:00