BRI-PRG Connection Requests


Use this thread for BRI-PRG Connection Requests. make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting

Open for an active connection from my BRI to PRG

Existing S+M Fleet, so can send 5-10 planes at once

Timezone: GMT+8 (Singapore)
Usually active 9 am to 9 pm thanks to wfh :wink:

Name: febu2010

I can connect to you from my PRG.
Timezone- GMT +5:30 (India)

ok, trying my own thread here.

I have BRI-PRG open for a connection

Fair warning, I try to play consistently, but my timing is limited at the moment, due to work commitments.

I’m based in UTC -5 (East Coast USA) and play either early morning, or later in the evening (after 8pm). With the short flight time, it might be better to have someone UTC +5, or in the USA time frame as a partner.

Trust me, I’ll get you to 100 as long as you don’t want it done in a matter of a few days :slight_smile:

I can connect, timezone is +5:30, Just 1 question. If I already do a 100 from both sides, then will I still be able to help you? If it stays as 100, then leave it.

I’ve already done it too, so alas it won’t change anything on either end.

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I need a connection from my PRA to a Bari airport. Anybody who can connect with me?

GMT +2

This is the BRI-PRG thread!

Fine ill change it.
But it really doesn’t change anything :joy: - it’s the same connection.

So the forum moderators didn’t know what they were doing when they created two separate threads.

I can’t see difference? Your connection gonna be the same?

if the one I’m searching is putting he’s in the BAR-PrA then I never gonna see it. Because I need to put mine in another topic :man_shrugging:t2:

Instead of having all connection, whether it’s BAR-PRA or PRA-BAR

It is about forum structure.

One is your playing prg going to Bari, and the other is bari to prg

I can connect you. GMT+2, playing consistently. ID: -+±

Sorry, my ID got messed up. Another try:


Looking for a connection from my Bari to PRG

I’m +2 time, playing on/off during the day, but can handle the most of your time.

PRG to INN or BRI available
5 Small Aircraft as of today can re-route
ID: reapershill
UTC -7
Available from 10am to 9pm if needed

I have several s size at both airports if you want to connect, my user is horsepowergeek and I can take both connnctions, I’ll accept after class if you want, thanks

Looking for a connection between my BRI and your PRG
Username: rubensoons
Timezone: UTC+2 (NL)
Play mostly between 07:00 and 15:00
I will send my planes as soon as I can, and I aim to handle all incoming planes

My fleet at BRI: Small: 1x ATR-76, 2x BAe-146, 1x E-170, 3x BAe-146F
Medium: 4x A320, 4x B737-800, 1x B737-8F
Large: 3x B777

(I am in queue for a connection right now, so please DM me if interested)

I have an open connection to BRI, feel free to add me. I’m UTC -7, lots of planes to send.

Username: bsharpyy