BRI-SAN Connection Requests


Use this thread for BRI-SAN Connection Requests. make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting

Looking for Connection
ID: Stefan_XS
Time: UTC+2

Can send L planes.

Looking for connection my bri
Is: PamperedJogger1172
play mostly between 1500 and 2000 utc
Have 3L

Looking for a connection

In-game name: ThiruAirlines
UTC: +9:30
Play at random times
Feel free to privaltly message me for a connection aswell!

I can be your connection

Hey, I am looking for my BRI to your SAN.
Did you already playing at SAN?

No, im looking for my BRI- your SAN aswell

Looking for a connection between my BRI and your SAN
Username: rubensoons
Timezone: UTC+2 (NL)
Play mostly between 07:00 and 15:00
I will send my planes as soon as I can, and I aim to handle all incoming planes

My fleet at BRI: Small: 1x ATR-76, 2x BAe-146, 1x E-170, 3x BAe-146F
Medium: 4x A320, 4x B737-800, 1x B737-8F
Large: 3x B777

(I am in queue for a connection right now, so please DM me if interested)


  1. MeteoricWretch16
  2. UTC-4 until 11/7/2021; After 11/7/2021, UTC-5 until 3/13/2022
  3. I play between 7:30-3:00
  4. I am playing at BRI

Need a connection to SAN

Username: bsharpyy

UTC -7

Have lots of planes to send.

feel free to add.
Singapore Time Zone UTC+8, so if you send your fleet out between 6 AM & 7 PM Iā€™m able to handle

Username: febu2010


Player name: KarolynJG

Time zone: EST (UTC -5)
I play mainly in my evening 8-9PM EST

Looking for a connection from my BRI to your SAN.
Timezone: UTC +1
Username: Kittyhawk5
Favourite time for playing - various times during the whole day.

Looking for connection feel free to add marechkon33 UTC-7 or dm any questions

Looking for connection from my BRI to your SAN

Id: The Dutchman
Time zone : GMT +6
Active at morning and night

invite me

I need your username

zgzl my friend

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i send you connection

I actually wanted from San Diego.
BRI - IAD is done for me