Bring back Runway Priority please!

The micromanagement went a little too far with making us direct traffic onto the runway. If we’ve already sent the plane from the apron to the runway, let them leave when they get there! WoA 1 was just fine with adjusting how frequently the takeoffs and landings alternated, and then letting Tower determine when they can line up or takeoff. But now we have extra work with no extra benefit. Almost every action in the game has a cost, but there’s no cost or reward to micromanaging departures….

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Yea we need runway priority back. Im tired of manually land/takeoff all of those planes.

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I don’t Mind it even I need to focus, at least it gives me time to see them land and take off.

Maybe a suggestion is if you clear it land or take off but took a long time to manage them they will auto land and take off.

What’s next you want them to revert back to the old levelling and management system?

No need to be like that. Considering that these operations are carried out by Tower, Ground, Approach, and Departure, there’s no reason for us to have to tell a plane staring at an empty runway “ok, NOW you can go”
We can role-play Mr Control Tower all day long, but where does it stop? We already gave him pushback clearance, but why aren’t we rolling off the long line of taxiway identifiers for how to get to the active runway then? Why are there clear routes for planes to get to their assigned aprons, but they’re clogging traffic because there’s only ONE approved taxiway for in and out flow.
I don’t think it’s too much for the game to automatically send the plane down an empty runway. The runway priority button on 1.0 was a great tool that allowed me to keep the field populated, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

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I kinda agree with auto management but I do like this too, if you clog up or forgot just restart the game, or use the 2d radar map to see where is your aircraft it’s kinda handy

There has to be a good reason they removed it - reminder it was officially confirmed that you will be able to assign some (handling) crews to tower for arrivals and departures (my understanding is 2 for both).

In my opinion its all about playing mr.tower (at least it should be!) I hate the fact that you can just restart map to get rid of departure queue…

Also from new players it saves a lot of frustration when they do not have money and stands to handle constant not controlled influx of planes… you cannot only look from perspective of someone who has everything on each airport and 50+ planes on big ones.

To me its very clear that update is quite new-players-centric.

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I played WoA 1.0 for two days before the update. I’m hardly a guy with the big planes. However, WoA 1 had a flow that was determined by open ground slots. If no slots, no incoming traffic. The timer didn’t even progress until a slot was opened. WoA 2 stacks it on you with no restriction - If you go back to my screenshot above, I believe I have 22 planes on the side board waiting for action, only 2 of them actually at an apron for service. Did you also notice which airport that is? INN - the BEGINNERS airport.
Which situation do you feel better addresses new players and the learning curve then? A firehose of unrestricted inbound traffic and then unnecessary micromanaging of outbound departures, to a field-clogging fault? Or an automatic departure when the runway is clear, such as before? That’s all I’m asking for - I gave the plane clearance to the runway, now fly away! I’m not asking to change the inbound rate, which plane lands first, I’m not even btching about how I can load up my entire field with zero time penalty and take as long as I want on each and every plane. I actually enjoyed the reasonable juggle in 1.0…. I just want the outbounds to go away when able.

Side note - during the webcast talking about 2.0, when everybody was drooling over the homemade cockpit, did anybody notice that neither one of those guys were talking to any ATC during his flight? No comms with tower? No directions from Ground? Surely I’m not the only RL pilot that noticed this? Yet here we are demanding realism and that these planes absolutely are not allowed to takeoff when it’s clear and safe to do so…. Without our permission as Mr Tower…
Come on, really?

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…. I just want the outbounds to go away when able.

and that is comming as far as i know.

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Actually it’s better in 2 for me. Just land them, ignore the start. After pushback there is no new server event, all you see/can do is just on your client after that (as you can see on the radar) . So just restart the Airport and the starting queue is empty, no different than if you had done it yourself. So overall you can play now with only landings.

I’ve been casually playing every day, I’m stuck on Prague. I had it unlocked before the update, but it is taking forever to get leveled up and unlocking the next airport. With 53 contracts and 60 something crew, I worked for almost 3 hours last night and never got above 7 spaces filled at a time. I have plenty of Large and Xtra coming in as soon as the spaces open, tons of time-consuming Mediums, but to not cheat the game and actually send off my outbounds, it feels like somethings off in the timing…
(Not to mention my RL pilot experience questioning why these planes are spaced out so far apart on Approach…. I’m hoping the coming tower function improves this)

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I promise I do actually enjoy this game…

But this is what my PRG looks like every time I log in….

I love how excited the devs are about the game world running continuously, but there has to be a better way to do this….


Seems like you’re just slow at dealing with aircraft taking off, also don’t let so many aircraft go at once thought the easiest way to deal with aircraft like that is exit into menu then go back into the airport.

So glad that you joined two days ago so you could come into the Ideas & Suggestions board and solve all of our problems for us using techniques that go against what the devs are trying to create for us.

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Been playing for years, there nothing wrong with the game that’s your doing for letting it build up like that though, you can line them up after an aircraft landed, though luckily they got Tower agent coming out in next big update. And thanks

Also been in the Facebook WOA groups which have the devs in as well, forgot about the forums.

So with all this experience, wisdom, and exposure, the best thing you have to offer is to troll my post with cheats and attitude?

Not exactly cheating is it just another way to get rid of them all but it doesn’t take too long to get rid of them normally either.

You’re right that it doesn’t take long to clear them out, but the next problem is why I moved to a different post. We don’t get paid if we don’t process planes, we cant process them if we don’t land them, landing them takes longer than it should, which is where non-paying departures get stacked up.

1.0 took care of departures by the (coming soon) Tower with option to line up early if you manually clicked on the plane. 2.0 has turned that optional item into a ‘needs attention’ that shows up long before the runway is ready for another landing. As a RL pilot, watching these planes go down the center of the runway at taxiway speeds is infuriating.

I find it much better this way especially with the whole contract and rewards does help on some airports to get the premium as well like Prague, Washington, MCT & Saint Maarten.

Well yeah they go down runway at fast speeds then slow down but can only turn of at correct taxiways which was like it in first game as well.

To be fair, they take off slower than they used to, but absolutely at a more realistic speed now.
Take off rolls don’t take 5-6 seconds like they used to.
Taxiing to stand at (for example) Prague can be a slow journey in real life due to distances and waiting on other aircraft.
I think, while it is a bit slower now, it’s far more realistic than it used to

A better fix would be so we can apply better filters. Once a plane has been handled it highlights as needing action, and I end up pushing them back to clear the list of planes needing action