Bugs for 1.5.0 (LEJ release)

This unusual texture on the fuselage seems to have reappeared in 1.5.0/1.5.1

Aircraft shown is a Sundair A319, but I’ve seen it on quite a few of the 737 liveries, both player and airline aircraft.

The livery is not closed completely.

I have experienced the same problem on different stands.

Sometimes, when I go to main menu of game, after playing in some airport, and my guess, after lvl up achievement’s, I got this strange information of some achievement in main menu.

Will the change of livery colors cost us golden planes forever? Or will it change in future updates?

After taking off from runway 08R / 26L, the aircraft shadows activate their headlights just before it disappears.

Don’t know if it is actually a bug, but why the BIG difference?

Want to report a bug for LEJ. At tower 3, looks like incoming and outgoing get stuck. This has happened a few times and requires restarting the game.

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I believe this is a hidden bug.
I noticed that the Flight Line Marshaller is not present in the mini-games on LEJ after the release of LEJ.

I know this. But this was easier when we used to get GP from selling planes. And now we don’t get GP anymore. So, are they going to change this to silver planes or it will stay the same?

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I’ve found a new bug that is in buying golden planes. It duplicates the card for each purchase of golden planes, and takes out the capability of turning golden planes into W dollars.

I am.
But in my situation it’s a double.


You give 50.000 to open the route and then the An124 pays slightly better than a M plane. It’s the worst deal ever. I even disabled it so it won’t take up a valuable X stand.

When I will pass the point where I don’t care about Wollars, I will enable it again.

OMG! Thanks. I think I will wait before I open those stands.

Who knew a huge X made about as much as a L in Wollars

It seems a few routes are missing the ability to send a flight on it, even though there are departure slots. LEJ - LHR L flights come into this category.

Any news on the traffic jam issues at the 200 and 420 stands? They are hardly to use at the moment

I have encountered no problems with the stands at the South West Cargo platform, which I opened right at the start of LEJ. However, I see a X plane in this picture, where I use only S and M plane stands there. Maybe as a test see if you can avoid this problem by only sending S and M planes there?l

The pathing probably will be generic, so not much of a suggestions.

I am not able to reset Airport in IAD. Achievement level has stayed in level 2 when I tried to reset. Achievement level also had to reset so that i can get w cash 10,000 when I cleared 1st stage. I lost my golden planes by mistake any chance of getting it back.

Yeah… It is unfortunate, but if you press the reset button button, it comes up with a list of what resets and what doesn’t. It also tells you any gold planes spent will be lost. So in the future, maybe read the list and it will save you from this problem. Mind you, my idiot self forgot about it, and I did this at LEJ.