Buy the A332 or wait for the A333?

Hi All,
It’s me again I’ve been wondering if I should get the A332 or wait for the A333 to come out. I know the A333 hasn’t been confirmed so let’s see what happens.

I don’t believe the A333 has been officially confirmed yet, unless I’ve missed something.

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Someone said that the devs will probably add the A333 so I’m not sure if it’s true

Don’t buy the A330. On mid range flights it gives you a third less, on long range only the half of a B787 of income. After a few flights the 60k less for an A330 are burnt.

That’s why I’m waiting for the A333 (A330-300) it might earn more income than the regular A332 but I just want a confirmation if it’s going to be added.

Knowing the economics, the A333 will barely earn more despite being more expensive and larger. Just how the game has worked since the October update. Take the A319neo as an example.

Save for 787-9 it’s superior to A330-202 and A340-300.

The A319Neo was and is still huge disaster.

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Fully agree.

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However, I will appreciate the A330-303 only for ČSA livery as an OK-YBA tribute. Also Lion air A330 as the Lion air 737 on NGO routes is a joke.

Well the 737-800 is capable of the route, it’s at least nice to see NGO getting some attention for once.

I might as well go for the A332 then


I would expect the 777-200 to earn more if it was in the game

I already have the 787

I am already planned for the 787 but i have not the :key:s first and making those will take a long time so yeah I will wait.

Are you saving GP? @Rito

I think they’re adding the A333 because of Oman Air A330-300

All my E190’s are at maintenance B and by the time I can sell them for golden planes, the update will be released no matter how fast I go.

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SAN needs more love