Buying planes

I have opened up the 737’s in Innsbruck and brought some in the colours I made, been trying to get some in the Boeing colour but not able to do it, what do I need to do to do this

In WoA there will not be possibility to purchase real airline liveries. More player custom liveries will be implemented as well (works are in progress)

There are some comercial and legal reasons. Real airline liveries are only to serve AI traffic as for now.

Thank you for a quick reply, another question I have opened up all the slots to send my planes out, all I am getting is the same 5 places when does the able to send to other players airports open up

Player random airports - that will not happen in nearest future as its huge developement that devs are not working on yet.

Some extra destinations may be added in a meantime for current 3 playable airports. It will be announced on fanpage and forums with changelog for update.

Probably a silly question, but when unlocking and buying planes, is it only for that specific airport or how does it work?
For example, if I use money in Innsbruck to buy a plane will it help me make money when focusing on Bari?
Thank you

There are no silly questions - answers can be silly.

Its described here in paragraph about plane purchase.

It may help yes - plane purchased in INN can be sold and gold plane can be exchanged to in-game currency. There is no way to re-base plane to another airport

Ah I didn’t notice that you updated the information guide thread.
Thanks for the help and info

When buying aircraft is there a maximum number you can buy of any type? At each airport

You can own as many as you like - there’s no limit.

Thank you, and I have to say thank you for how quick you write reply’s, a lot better than other games out there

On the subject of planes, in regards to Golden Planes, is there any chance we might get a varied amount as rewards in the minigames instead of in-game cash? I just feel the process of getting golden planes is too slow, and for far too few in reward.
Just ab idea for further updates.:slight_smile: