Change of nickname

Jak můžu změnit svojí přezdívku-Nickname?
Diky za odpověď.

It is not possible - thats dictated by game center/google games.

I changed my nick in GC and nothing happened in the game itself :frowning:

I think it remains as one used during account creation on our game server. Will ask coders if that can be changed because i have no clue.

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yep, it looks like one-time activity… thanks for your answer

I have checked with coders - only way to have different nick is to delete game progress in google games account and start over. Its not changeable on our server for couple of reasons - connected with anti-cheat scripts as well.

thank you for your time shill, I understand not every ideas are suitable to implement :slight_smile:

if I delete the game (iOS), what happen with my bought aircrafts?

Delete game from device? - your progress is stored on game server so nothing will happen to progress.
Only affected thing will be planes currently in handling @ your airports (handling progress for playable airports is stored locally on device).

Above doesn’t make purchased planes being “lost”.

Deletion game progress on google. Well then i think all will be reseted/lost I didn’t tried but logically.