Congratulations with the 3 1/2 year anniversary

To all involved in this great game: Keep Them Flying.


Well, the first half year the game went without me until I found it in Google Play. Unfortunatly it went also without me the last half year for the boredom I felt playing the same moves day in day out.
Now I’m wondering if the update will bring me back at all.

Same here. I feel like I don’t play as much, due to the lack of diversity

I agree with your sentiments regarding the repetitiveness, but there are other ways to play. Boruberry has some suggestions in the SXM Pre Release discussion.

And I posted this challenge some time ago:

Fun is where you find it.

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Yeah, a great moment for the game but I know many people are getting bored simply because the new update is still not here…

I only have five C17s at LEJ now and deal with them every day before I go to bed. So in other words I only play approx 15-20 mins per day.

Hopefully the landscape will change soon.

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