Short Distance Airport Challenge (SDAC)

Some time ago I discussed an idea with some fellow players.

At that time the concept of contracts came up also and there was some feedback that the devs may introduce something similar with these contracts.

As it will be some time before we see an update, this challenge may bring some new gameplay until that time.


With 3 airports (INN, PRG and LEJ) close to each other a new way for playing the game with connection partners is possible.

The goal is to exchange the most airplanes on agreed conditions and/or timeframe.

A wide variety of challenges can be created for new and experienced players, with various levels of difficulty.

Possible conditions:

  • Airplane category (S, M, both)
  • Airplane mode (PAX) or Cargo (C) or both (PAX-C).
  • Airplane type (all allowed (AL) or plane specific (ATR, CRJ, 737 etc.))
  • Timeframe (# in 4, 6, 8, … hours(H))**
  • Max # airplanes (25, 50, 100, … (P))**
  • Service “speed up” allowed or not allowed (SU-A, SU-NA)

** It is either timeframe (“effort challenge”) or # of planes (“result challenge”).

What are your idea’s to make this work?

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Sounds interesting. Did you also think about the rewards? E.g. 100 silver planes like regular connections/₩ ?
Can you attempt multiple challenges at the same airport?

These challenges are “player initiated”. You agree the challenge parameters with your connection partner.

There are no rewards, maybe a post in this forum with the result of the challenge for others to beat under the same parameters.

I would like to know how these challenges are going to be organized.

Basically you set up a challenge with an existing connection partner or with a new one.


An effort challenge for INN and PRG with 3 S planes of any type and mode to exchange as many planes as possible in 4 hours with speed up allowed would look like:

INN<->PRG | S | PAX-C | AL | 4H | SU-A |

A result challenge for PRG and LEJ with 10 S and M PAX planes to exchange 30 planes in the shortest time possible with no speed up allowed would look like:

PRG<->LEJ | SM | PAX | AL | 30P | SU-NA |

There are lot of variations possible so that everybody from new players with a limited airport infrastructure to players with fully developed airports can participate.