Connection table

Andrew Whitelocks made a table for connections with partners of different time zones for all to download who are in the World of Airport Players Facebook group.

Any possibility to publish it here (with author consent)?

Given I’m the Author :slight_smile: sure…(although I’ve now just outed my user/real name

Connections Timings

So why do we make everyone put their timezone and times they play on connection requests?
Because times matter…

There is no use sending planes to people that get there at 4am when the vast majority of people are asleep, so with that, i created a conversion table, which is now available for folks to use.

A Few things.

  1. If you are going to use this, PLEASE save as a new file, so you are not trying to overwrite what someone else is doing. As new aircraft are added, I will update and release a new version for everyone.
  2. The filters are dependent on each other, so sometimes they may not catch properly, if that happens, just start over, and the new pick list will come up.
  3. Data has been aligned to aircraft that can make those trips. So if you are trying to send a BAE146 from PRG to NGO, it’s not going to work. (Don’t blame me!), anything else will error out.
  4. GMT - 0 is UK time, this does NOT currently take account of daylight savings times changes, but as that’s only an hour, should not impact for the most part. anything - time is West of the UK, +time is east.

I have endeavored to make this as accurate as possible, if something doesn’t work, drop a comment on this post and I will take a look, it’s usually an easy fix.

So there you have it, the unofficial WOA Time Convertor, hope it’s useful and good luck.


Thank you for this great work :+1:

I did not understand this WOA time conversion. All I need is connection players from east asia and connnection from IAD to PRG.

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Because people connect from all over the world.

I live on the East Coast of the US, but one of my friends is in Poland. If I send an aircraft at the wrong time between the flight time and the time difference, it ends up arriving in the middle of the night when he’s asleep and when you are trying to get to 100 or more it’s pointless.

If you connect with players in a near time zone you are correct it is less useful as you only need the flight time. But if this file encourages more global connections then it’s done it’s job.


It’s just a help to find the best time to send the planes to each other … and probably a hint that you don’t need to look to only one side of the world.


GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is also referred to as Zone Time/ “Zulu Time” by pilots and seafarers. By sticking with Zulu Time, it is easy to convert to “local time” once arriving to your destination by adding or subtracting from the GMT/ UTC time depending on if you are east (add) or west (subtract) of the Prime Meridian (which runs through Greenwich, England) until reaching the International Date Line which begins up near the Bering Strait between Alaska and Russia and zigzags down to the South Pole . For example if it is 18:00 Zulu time and you are in the Pacific Time Zone (UTC -8) you subtract 8 hours from the Zulu Time (10:00). So with that, you know it is 6PM in London England and 10AM in Seattle, WA.

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I know how to understand time zones but the process how its written is very complicated to me.

I can’t help you with the understanding, but If you have a connection with another player and you both know the time the other plays, it helps you to find the best time to send your planes.
Finally you don’t have to calculate, just enter the airports, the planes and the take-off time and “Fertig ist die Laube” we say in Germany :grin:

Atleast I know players who to connect from.

Honestly @Rito this took me a long time to put together for it to be useful to people

The inputs are pretty easy

Origin airport
Destination airport
Aircraft size
Aircraft type
Location of you
Location of partner
Time you are sending

I can’t really make it any easier for folks.

If you are not going to use it because of how you play, fine, but quit knocking what I’ve put together it frankly just annoys me to no end because of the personal time I have invested and everyone else thus far seems to like it,

Old English saying : If you’ve got nothing constructive to say,’just don’t say it.

Next time you complain about it, you are
Going to get reported, that’s how frustrating this conversation is.



Well, atleast I will connect to someone from BRI and handle All S/M/L-tier planes but need good timing and after 13th of march. And if anyone wants to connect with me, can connect to me from any airports but can handle after 13th.

Very handy, thanks @carlsberg72 :+1:

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@carlsberg72 your efforts are very well appreciated and it’s apparent that hard work and research went into it! I’m on the same boat as you when it comes to those things on a daily basis. You put in a lot of hard work and then get backlash because people don’t read the explanations of how to work it!

I do time conversions on a near-daily basis so it comes second-nature to me but I’m willing to give any feedback/ suggestions to help make this document more user-friendly for those who can’t follow directions (want it just handed to them!) :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the support. There are probably a few pieces I could have coded better, but it did the job. What would be very useful is a test of different combos to make sure the results make sense. I believe they are. But a 2nd set of eyes is always welcome and as you are versed in time differences all well and good.
So let me know what you find. The support pages are locked to avoid other folks messing with them, but I do have copies that can be used that aren’t.
Send me a DM here and we can start a conversation about it

Yes, thank you @carlsberg72

Please help me to connect two players from IAD to SAN
GMT +4:30
user: amir.h.khaki

Please use the appropriate connection threads.

Please give an example