Creating The "Observation Deck" Mode

IMO, plane-spotting has got to be absolutely the best job on earth IRL. And Obs Decks at airports are one helluva place for that.

Even for gamers, particularly those of the pernicious strain of plane-sighters, there are days when we wish that all we could do was sit back & enjoy the sight of airliners coming in, doing their stuff on the airport, and then taking off for far corners of the earth - while somebody ELSE is doing all the click-clicking for us.

Since that “somebody else” is already available in the form of AI that can be easily programmed to run the entire gamut of ops, including landing, handling & departing the player’s planes, I on behalf of all planespotting fans on WOA feel obliged to propose the creation of the Observation Deck Mode of gameplay.

Should the devs consider this feature to be too tall an order for their time & Wollars, they can make it worth their while by making it unlockable with GPs, or even a monthly/annual subscription. Planespotters should have no objection to either if that way they get to enjoy their beloved pastime even at WOA airports. (The good thing about this Mode is that it can be made to run with the contract system that is planned to be introduced in the upcoming update).

Have it introduced, devs, ASAP, & earn the undying gratitude of countless planespotting fans on WOA. Thanks.

What exactly does the Observation-Deck mode again? If it just let’s an AI handle your planes that sounds a lot like the Ramp Agent feature on portal:

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Jesus christ bro, all this bitching and complaining about what this game doesnt have or it needs for an awesome game with AGAIN ill say it, NO ads and its completely FREE. Maybe you should take a coding class and then join the devs in all the work that goes into this game. Its too much, paragraph after paragraph of they should do this and they should do that, they have their plate full doing this update among other things. A suggestion here and there is one thing but the constant do this, do that, the game would be so much better if you did this, i dont blame them for staying silent because if they give any little update on any aspect of the game they get swamped with more questions. But you take it to another level, like I said earlier, if you are so knowledgeable and have all the solutions then jump right in and get to work, im sure the devs would appreciate the extra help.


Well said!

Will the Ramp Agent also assign a stand to the plane that’s landed? Will they also depart the plane to a (certain) destination? NOT from what the 2020 concept note says! That’d still have to be done by the player! Per my proposition, AI would take care of the ENTIRE ops from start to end, leaving the player blissfully free to enjoy the sights & sounds, with not a worry in the world! :blush:

Lol mate, calm down for a second!
You are not the Smartest Person in the room, neither of us players are…

Also, you don’t speak in behalf of all planespotting fans.
I am a spotting fan and I definitely disagree with your idea!

And I agree with @Annefrankdedtho here!!!
Devs are working 24/7 to bring new features and awesome mechanics. You simply DO NOT have the right to demand something ASAP as if you were the Paladin of Truth.

If you want to just watch planes landing and taking off, go watch a youtube video, lol
OR you could join the devs in all the work that goes.

Suggesting is one thing, demanding is another, calm down, please


Lol! YOU & the likes of you would say that, won’t you? For starters, take the trouble of reading the title of the thread…ok, let me help you with that since you clearly seem to have some sort of cognitive issues…for crying out loud, it says “Ideas”, not “Only-those-ideas-that-the-devs-might-consider-because-the-game-is-free-&-when-may-be-they-get-the-time” (lol)! In the second instance, countless players have “bitched” & “complained” (my, my, what a taste in language you have!) on this Forum since it started, & many of their “bitchings” & “complainings” have been taken up by devs & converted into regular features, which you & the likes of you obviously seem to be enjoying playing! So, if “other” players put up ideas - for the very purpose, btw, this thread is intended - their’s are “ideas”, having been put up out of their “love” for the game & desire to see it reach heights unscaled before, & therefore worthy of the devs’ utmost & prompt attention, but quite clearly if the same is done by somebody outside of that self-appointed “high council of advisors”, the “clan”, then it amounts to “bitching” & “complaining”?! Wow! Nice, REALLY nice! And what’s this with the constant nanny-like lecturing & hectoring about the game being FREE, with no ads? What does this have to do with the players’ entitlement to suggest ideas to make the game even more enjoyable? Get a grip, dude! You seem to be losing touch with logic & reality. And though I didn’t intend to ever mention it here or anywhere else, NOW you leave me with no choice! So, FYI & FTI of the likes of you, I HAVE indeed helped the game FINANCIALLY by putting my REAL money where my mouth is…my purchase of GPs in the period August-October this year ALONE is crossing the 500 mark (you read that right, FIVE HUNDRED & COUNTING!), & close to ONE K since 2020! But, like I said, what’s that got to do with my right to suggest? Lol! And, anyway, I address my ideas to the DEVS, not to you or the likes of you! Its for THEM to decide as to WHAT to do with those & WHEN, not YOU or the likes of you! So WHO gave YOU the authority to tell me as to how many or what kind of ideas I can or can’t suggest? I and MY love for the WoA, and the ways I choose to express it, are MY business, & NOT up for analysis by you or the likes of you, mind it! And I shall continue to suggest for as long and in any manner as I see it fit. Btw, I am just getting WARMED up, lol! There are tons & tons of ideas that I am on course to put up! Too heavy for your poor, infirm imagination??? Then just STAY AWAY! In the first place I didn’t ask for any endorsement by you or the likes of you. And now, thanks to you for providing an invaluable look at your mindset & of those of your ilk, I wouldn’t give a damn as to what you & your kind think. So take pity upon yourself, BRO! Just…STAY…AWAY! That way you’ll remain in good mental health, I promise you :rofl:

Great to have your thoughts! The way you liked? Done? Good! So why not may be apply it to yourself first, lol?

I agree with Annefrankdedtho. I couldn’t say it any better. Well written!

That’s class act WOA fan like myself who shouldn’t complain about the game what’s lacking or what should be done to improve the game.

The developers and their WOA staff are well respected with the amount of work especially re-written the whole game from scratch, know how many avid fans out there can’t wait for the game to be released.

Patient is a valid word meaning Wait and good outcome comes with greater rewards!

@NMS Mate, calm down with your walls of texts. I read novels on a daily basis and even I get overwhelmed by your wall of text. So calm down.

Try to express yourself in fewer words because walls of texts doesn’t make a good impression.


Oh, I’ve never been calmer, mate, lol! When certain issues merit an in-depth analysis or comment, a somewhat detailed presentation is inevitable. Btw, like I said, those that don’t feel like reading my posts are most welcome to just stay away! I can’t state it any simpler than that, lol!

Absolutely shocking to see that some players are now trying to equate ideas for improvement of the game with “showing disrespect for the devs”. Wow! That’s an eye-opener for me, something that I’ve only encountered on the Forum of WOA in all my gaming years!

Btw, even a simpleton realizes that not only do the devs queue incoming ideas but that they’ve their own vision for the game, too, smthg that would naturally take priority over everything else.

And on top of it all, the devs have been considerate enough to post right from the start a standing notice to the effect that ideas/proposals might not be implemented in earnest, or simply NOT AT ALL, if they don’t match the profile of this evolving game.

So, at the pain of pointing out the obvious, when I or players like me suggest smthg to the devs (repeated, to the DEVS, not to players), it is with full knowledge & appreciation of the limitations that bind them. Players like me dearly wish for the WOA to reach heights that no game has attained so far - and that, my friends, isn’t going to happen if players just content themselves by mindlessly fawning upon the devs. From time to time, players must acquaint devs with the advances they’ve encountered, & challenge the devs to meet, if not exceed them. The history of game-development is overflowing with instances where ground-breaking innovations invariably came through, thanks not to the “Oh, all is well, me Lords!” class of players but by the untiring efforts of & advocacy by the “radicals”. Fancy yourself as a visionary? Then stop “bitching” and “complaining”, as my friend @Annefrankdedtho so eloquently put it, and keep coming up with some truly smart ideas (that’s it, if your imagination is fertile enough to begin with). Clearly the players of the ilk of @AnneFrankDedtho are unfamiliar with the notion that YOU HONOR THE DEVs WITH YOUR IDEAS, not degrade them or the game! Thus the more the ideas, the greater a reflection it’s of your love & respect for the game. Duh!

And lastly, cheers for the devs for taking it all in their stride! Can’t even begin to imagine as to what kind of hellscape this Forum would be were it not for the devs’ understanding that it is & will always be a part of the evolutionary process.

Jesus christ you are full of yourself, sounds like someone took a creative writing class!

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Oooohhh! Sounds like someone burning to a crisp with jealousy & self-pity, lol!

Yeah, jealous of a blowhard that loves to hear himself talk. And i do pity myself for being subject to your inane ramblings.


Well, NOBODY, & I mean literally NOBODY, invited you to test our nerves & waste our precious time with your clueless & rather crude lecturing, never mind as to how learned & smart you might then have been thinking about yourself. How I choose to show my love for this game & its betterment is MY business & MINE alone, not a lab for your childish experiments. Me thinks that, with the sun shining, flowers smiling & birds chirping, you should have just locked yourself in your home and pulled the curtains across. A bright, sunny, pleasant day just doesn’t seem to be your kind of thing. Just stay home the next time, ok?

Seems like someone is a bit triggered, lol


Nah! Beginning to get used to the likes now. In fact, beginning to enjoy it, :joy:!

What I’m mostly concerned about is while yes the devs want ideas to implement, it needs to be something realistic that sticks to the main purpose and goal of the game. All these suggestions, while great, don’t suit the purpose and goal of the game. They would be much better implemented in a completely different game.


I joined the game as soon as it was launched in 2019, when there was just the INN, & then BRI immediately after. I’ve been in regular com with the devs (not their minions) over the past three years about various features of the game, esp as to what needs to be included & what not as to make the game even more interesting. So, if ANYBODY other than the devs should have an idea as to what this game is really about, that should be me! (To the newcomers that may have some fantastic ideas but might get discouraged by the player’s post above: Please rest assured that all games EVOLVE, not just in spread but also conceptually, otherwise they DIE! There are examples a-galore that can be cited to this end. Understand that your ideas, if viable within the broad framework of the game even as it evolves, & clearly seen as promoting interest in the game, too, shall find their place in the game sooner or later). All my propositions already are & shall be perfectly realistic and will integrate seamlessly into the game. (The devs have their priorities, which is obvious & as stated by me ad nauseam take precedence over everything else. But they are also not so naive as not to note a gem of an idea & delay adopting it till it basically becomes obsolete). So I am most amused to read that IYO my propositions don’t suit the purpose of the game! The devs’ likes & dislikes aside, a number of features that are in the game can be easily critiqued by the same yardstick. Not to mention the ones that are no more there but included originally because they were considered to be “suiting the purpose of the game”! So, no worries! Truck-loads of my ideas are still on their way & time will tell as to whether they were suitable for the purpose of the game or not. Cheers!