CRJ remodel

Hello!Yes,this time it has been confirmed that CRJ is the first to be remodeled after the A320.
This is the thread where you post CRJ leaks and have a bit of fun too.


I cannot wait. I know it’s a small plane, but it’s an integral part at the U.S. airports, at least for now. Not just the CRJ9, but the CRJ2 and CRJ7 as well! I’m guessing it’ll be a quicker remodel since there’s not a million operators. Wish we could get the EMB-145 as well. That would round off the regional jet area.


CRJs are one of my favorite planes out there, just because I’ve flown on them more than any other.

Any word on variants?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed we gets some combination of 200, 550, 700, 1000…


If I’m not mistaken the Georgian Airways CRJ is listed as a CRJ2 in game, and the aircraft handling achievement for a 200 exists as I remember searching for it after 2.0 released. So the 200 is highly likely.

A similar logic applies to the CRJ-700, which I believe is currently in the form of the ANA Ibex CRJs at NGO. The aircraft code is different to what the model is based off as a placeholder (like some of the 747 freighters as well).


Where was this said?

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Because Carl just said it was not


Hello!I highly recommend you to watch Phat Airlines.I just saw a discord message about Kubasan on discord answering a question about the next upcoming remodeled plane that CRJ is the next after A320.It’s on the Airplane questions category,so you don’t have to skip much.

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That was from April,
I believe things changed after that.


If things changed, I could see them refreshing the Dash 8 family first before CRJ. Given SYD is on the horizon and QantasLink operates 50+ Dash 8’s, it would make sense they want a fresh aircraft for a fresh airport


You were right!

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