Cross-Platform Sync


Is it possible to sync game progress between iOS and Android? I just got the game on my Android phone and wouldn’t want to have to restart from scratch when I get it on my iPad.

Overall I really enjoy the game, great job. It’s more entertaining than AirportPRG but not too stressful, I’ll definitely be sticking around.



Its connected to google games and progress is saved there not on the phone. On the phone only jandling progress for present airplanes is keept. Therefore I dont think its possible to synchronize to apple game center with current progress.

Also apple version I believe will come today.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I believe that for a game like this cross-platform sync is really important, otherwise you’re limiting users to playing on a single platform which can drive potential customers away. Might be worth considering in the future, using either some unique ID to link devices, or perhaps Google or Facebook accounts.


I think the best way to make this happens is to put facebook link for second sync.


But that is not possible either (confirmed with coders).