Delivery Mode Isn’t Working At Many Airports

Over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed when I activate the delivery mode in the tower manager, I am still having to assign planes to gates. This is happening at many airports now.

I thought this is the place to report bugs though?

Yeah, but now you need to sent the issue to the email I sent you.

Not really. That email is the NEW way of reporting then, as they devs can see the emails. Don’t expect an immediate reply, as they are working on A320 remodel and other stuff, and might not have time

So, essentially, this thread category is pointless. Gotcha.

Also, I’m not going to bother the devs like so many others do. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has come across this bug lately so someone will bring it to their attention.

To be fair. Reporting it to the devs at that email address is what they WANT you to do. They told me them that themselves
It’s a ticket logging system that will allow them to determine the severity of the issue. Sometimes that ends up with a hotfix being done.
Don’t tell them, don’t know.
So while yes this thread isn’t going to be seen by the devs, sending to the email address will get it seen by them regardless of how many report it

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