NEW Bug Reporting Process

With immediate effect all bugs need to be reported direct to the devs rather than posted here.
Any threads opened here will not be reviewed by the devs.

***Please provide the following information when reporting bugs as appropriate ***

  1. Username

  2. If a game access or error message issue:
    2A. Platform (android or IOS)
    2B. Device used
    2C.Description of issue
    2D: Screenshot or video of issue

  3. If a game play issue (anything to do with the actual game mechanics)
    3A Brief description of the issue
    3B Screenshot or video of issue at hand to support description

  4. Anything you have tried to solve the issue, game restart, reinstall etc.

Please send ALL reports via email to

This request has come direct from the devs to speed up review and solutioning processes.

Android Oppo A9
Video of Hang Glitch a few second where when you lock your phone while the game is running you game stop a few minutes, longer sometimes until I have to restart the game.

Can you see it?

I think you’re meant to email the devs directly by using the email given in Andy’s post above.


This is what I receive

Yes it means it’s been logged into the devs ticketing system and they will take a look at it

That explains why they havent been checking their instagram and facebook.

This event plane at Bari stuck at Delay and I can’t fix it

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The bug in Bari has been fixed domain name expired, for over a month. No one will be able to send the devs email until they renew it


ah, no wonder why I cant send reports to the team :frowning:

Can’t anyone help sent anything to Devs, or report any issues, I think even that Youtrack is gone.

I sent them an email on the 4th this month? And they replied? Or am I confused on the dates?

Hi WoA,

I got this error while mailing your support.
Is the emailadress correct?

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups: (
Your message couldn’t be delivered. The Domain Name System (DNS) reported that the recipient’s domain does not exist.

thank you,
kind regards

That’s has been expired, Carlsberg72 is contacting with Devs Now.

All fixed and confirmed that it works again

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Sorry if this breaking any rule of Devs, I guess everyone knows already of the Ticketing Page


Android (Motorola G60)

I use the game in Latin American Spanish language, when I enter the game after updating it I get another language, apparently Polish or similar, I thought it had been changed but I looked and it said that it is still in Latin American Spanish.

ATC Voice Sound Glitchy for 2.1


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