Devs Q&A

Can anyone give a summary sort of thing for the recent Dev Q&A.
Or where can I see that entire thing?


3, maybe 4 new airports by next summer.
Next in line is a bit of a surprise - LHR. Then another ‘large’ airport followed by a smaller one.

New update is imminent, although I don’t think that includes any of the new airports. 787, a350 remodels.

Delhi on hold due issues with Unity License (e.g. cost implications).

Discord is easy to sign up to, as I found out last night and then there is a whole WoA community on there

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LHR is indeed next. DEL will be pushed to 2024 if not beyond. As I understand it the licensing issue with Unity surrounding a release such as DEL would not only kill the game, but the business surrounding it too, so they have to figure that out first before they can move forward with it.
2.1 has the tower agent and BRI remodel, which will set up for future updates.
LHR, 787 and 350 aren’t ready yet.


LHR is aimed to be here by the end of 23. Possibly a Christmas gift?


Did not expect LHR! A nice plane spotting camera idea if arrivals are on 27R is to have The Courtyard by Marriot as a spotting point. The main hub of BigJetTV and an amazing view.


The Premier Inn on Bath Road has some good views of 27R arrivals and the BA hangars, can’t forget the Renaissance hotel and Mrtyle Avenue as well. Be nice see if G-BOAB is present as a static aircraft

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I will be very surprised if it is not, another nice easter egg would be a BA 747 inside one of the maintenence hangers.

Not sure how I could forget about them! Classic and awesome locations.

Need a 747 model with RB211s first!

I do wonder what the starting location at LHR will be, I’m thinking it’ll be T5A, as the starting contracts are more than likely going to be BA flights


Likely to be the case given that’s where the majority of the narrow body gates are. Official count of terminal gates is 124
24 in 2
28 in 3
22 in 4
50 in 5

However, there are probably another 15 or so Cargo spots too and those are off to one side of the southern runway with terminal 4. So while LHR does alternate runways for daily use on the 27’s (suspect the direction the game will use) I wonder if the game mechanics will work similar to LEJ, with T4 and Cargo using 27R and 2,3,5 using 27L, but those complaining on other airports about the lack of X and L gates will not be complaining after this… it doesn’t get a whole lot better for those guys


Doesn’t LHR also have triple jetway gates? Are we gonna see those implemented at long last

That’s what I was thinking. Wouldn’t be half surprised if we end up with the domestic stands (501 through to 505) as the starting ones with an A319 contract from MAN and an A320 from EDI and GLA.

Could be stads 524-527

I talked to the devs myself and they said that they are working on the 747RR and it will be out soon! Hopefully will be out by lhr release.

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It’s not ready for 2.1? They’ve already posted liveries and everything

Given I’m testing it. Unless they pull a surprise and include it. I’m going to say no. They usually tell me. No such thing here. They often post teaser liveries. But they have not done so here in the new content section where they have said to me they will post the official completions.


So its also possible that DEL might end up getting cancelled?
I mean LHR is awesome news but its still 2 runways against 4 runways. In real life LHR might be busier than DEL but in game its always about runways.


From the ask-devs-event on discort 2 days ago, Kuba said all 787s will come in 2.1, like literally… now I’m confused!!!

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Was there any news regarding the transfer of planes/ money from one airport to another? Are they actually going to add that?

I am not totally sure about this…

Does this indicate that the game is not in a safe place due to Unity licensing issues?