Double Runway Use

Prague Airport should have the use of 2 runways at a time. They should be also be able to switch directions of runway use. So it will not create so much traffic and cause problems.


Agreed and from what I read it is planned for the future already. Currently it is not in the game sadly.

Hi, That is quite impossible to use those 2 runways at the same time if they dont share same direction. Look on - in PRG never 2 runways are in use.

Even though Prague only uses 1 runway at the same time, it should still be possible for other airports.

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Perhaps in Prague they do not, and I understand that dual runway use is not yet active in the game, but to be sure there are many airports in the world with crossing runways that are used at the same time. As an example, the airport I mentioned in another post, KLGA, has two perpendicular, intersecting runways that are used simultaneously (one for takeoff and one for landing). The controllers simply alternate operations between them in turn.

In a separate matter, It would also be nice to see weather effects added, and to see runway direction shift accordingly.

That is why some of following airports will have 2 active runway but not PRG you should be satisfied with new features but it takes time.

But could there be an option for a add on GUI that can switch the runways at any time?

Everything is possible but when and who should do it.
One of following airports will have 2 active runways.

For traffic jams we have idea of arrival/departure priority toggle but arrival logic mist be changed for that, bit something is comming sooner or later.

But the priority toggle will not solve the underlying problem that one Runway (at least in the current settings) can not nearly handle the incoming and outgoing traffic. Even if it is possible to prioritze incoming traffic, the airport will just slowly fill up with planes.

Settings are tweaked as well - that is not going to be just only change - even in last build arrival logic was changed. . Priority toggle will for sure help get rid of ques.

Also capacity is dictated by runway not really by number of stands. There is no airport that has all stands busy all the time (correct me If i am wrong).

I agree. But then again, this is a game.

I am about halfway through PRG (150k handled), I have 6S, 5M, 2L and 2X stands. (Just Terminal 1 with extension, Terminal 2 not even built yet)
Even though there are 9S and 17M left to be bought - why would I even do that? The Runway is at 100% capacity, the handling of planes will not speed up on Terminal 2 so why would I even buy that terminal? Makes more sense to invest that money in buying planes.

But I did not play the latest update yet so maybe it’s better now. We’ll see.
If not: the Runway capacity could be increased dramatically if plane 2 would already go in position on the Runway while the previous plane 1 is still taxiing off / flying off. And then plane 2 would only start when plane 1 has actually left the Runway / has flown off.


Totally agree with you. I had same idea for the takeoff/landing flow, would be cool to see (as you wrote) plane 2 lining up and wait behind plane 1 that is on take off roll and then he will take off as soon as plane 1 lift off instead of waiting until it goes off the map

You have to deal with current mechanics for some time. Not everything can be changed at once all in all resources are limited.

Curring pattern is (1:1) arrival vs departure - That means following plane can not vacate runway after previous plane is rolling for departure because there is arriving plane with priority

We are discussing internally possibility to have immediate “line up and wait” for 2nd departing plane IF priority is set to departures (this feature is not yet under developement but on the list).

People have to show a little bit of patience…

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we’re not complaining. Or at least I am not. But you opened this Forum to hear suggestions from the players so I put my suggestion here. I for one am greatful that the game is finally here and just wanted to let you know my thoughts.

Prioritizing incoming or outgoing traffic will not have an impact on the overall capacity of the runway. with prioritizing one can buffer sudden peaks, yes, but every plane needs a certain amount of time on the runway for landing and leaving. When the player prioritizes e.g. incoming traffic then the outgoing traffic will back up and vice versa. Prioritization does not increase the capacity of the runway (unless the landing of a second plane is faster if it happens after the landing of a first plane but currently this is not the case).
The only way prioritizing traffic increases capacity is if you prioritize incoming traffic so there will be a huge line of outgoing traffic waiting and then you go to the menu and back to the game. All outgoing planes will have left and you can again prio incoming planes.

Prio on outgoing planes would not make any sense with the current game mechanics. The money for the planes trying to leave was already paid and they cannot lose their bonus anymore so these would always have low prio.
Why would you limit the “line up and wait” functionality to prio on departure? When a plane has landed the next outgoing plane can already line up on the runway while the first is taxiing off? Line up and wait works after a takeoff and after a landing.


I clearly can see good discussion here no complains do not worry mate.

Yes you are very correct. After landing plane boud to take off can vacate runway as well. Yet that needs completely different mechanics and logic in the backend - and that is not very easy on “live body” like WoA - bad experiments will end in raging-horde-of-players like in the other game(s) if you know what I mean.

I also think people overuse speed up button (that the only way to have 15 planes on arrivals - well end of that strategy is to have a plane that when they reach stand thair timer is already nearly gone.

Works are in progress to make it better :slight_smile: that’s what matters. Feedback is always welcome keep it comming.


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I would suggest having the turnaround timer only start once the aircraft is actually on the stand. I work in an airport and the turn around doesn’t start until the brakes are set.

I would like to see the 2 runways in use, in reality they may not be used at the same time but this is a virtual game so why not implement it.

Also are we going to see emergency landings at any point added to the game? The need to despatch emergency services to an aircraft? Aborted take-offs?

hi @JWilks, welcome.

1st para : its not entirely bad idea but that would heavily impact game mechanics - we are working on better system at the very moment including timers and other stuff so far looks good to us.

2nd para: original PRG will remain as is (1rwy), there will be PRG v.2 (2035) at some point with 2 runways + next airport IAD will have 2 active runways.

3rd para: emergencies/aborted takeoffs and more (temporary closed gates due to jetbridge maintenance / stands occupied with planes that are not going anywehere / seasons that means extra step of de-icing / crew arrival with pre-flight inspection).

Plan is there - with some ideas we will probably fail some will happen Thanks for joining discussion.

2nd para, why not periodically switch from one runway to the other? This would be far more realistic, especially if when weather is implemented.

Because instead of spendind month or more for changing PRG we prefer to provide completely new content.

We need airports on different continents, more planes, airlines. Runway selecting option may come for some of following airports that is more likely to happen than reworking something we were looking at for last three long months.

12/30 is almost never used in PRG.

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I’d just like to chime in to the conversation with two comments:

This isn’t entirely true. Whilst LKPR does usually only use 06/24, there are still sometimes departures off of 30 when 24 is in use. Those are usually private jets, but I’ve seen CSA ATRs get the treatment as well.

  1. The spacing on the runway is IMO way too loose, especially with the traffic levels Prague can get to in the game. IRL, departure-arrival spacing regulations only require the departing aircraft to have rotated before the arriving aircraft passes the runway threshold. In the game, we wait for the departure to take off, fly the whole runway length and leave the map, only then does the arrival come in, but it still comes in fairly far. If we were running on minimum spacing we could probably fit one more departure in there. Arrival-departure spacing isn’t as bad, but LUAW might not be a bad idea as you suggested.

I am also not complaining. I really enjoy the game as is. But I’ve barely just started LKPR, I have 6 S stands and 3 M stands, and I already have a takeoff queue building. I just don’t think it is going to scale very well.

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