Eurowings (A319)

Same here, amazing Work, but if possible (I really do not want to stress you guys more then you already are) could you change to wings to being white?. Thank you for all the Amazing work :slight_smile:

Very nice :slight_smile: hopefully it will come with CFM engines option too (which is the one we’re having in game now)

Not possible due to technical limitations of the game.

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no it is very much possible, because they did so with the 744, A340s and A330s with Lufthansa

Does it matter? Can’t you appriciate what we are getting?


Those are older models. People asked for the 787’s wing to be white and devs said it was not possible, hence why they didn’t change it even though they technically should be white

744 isn’t, it’s v3


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We don’t need another one of these posts locking because of arguments regarding opinions or feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep that’s my bad, I thought he was talking about the 748 which is V1