Existing Destinations- Missing Info- LHR

I suspect it will be added on A320 when it gets updated soon.

See they updating BAe 146 next.

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And A350 as well don’t forget :+1:

Yes I’m guessing that’s done and just need testing if they started on the 146.

No, the 146 got delayed, so I suspect both will appear in Jan after the devs committed to the 350 next month.
The 146 is a lot smaller and a magnitude less liveries to deal with even with the cargo version too.


Nothing is in test right now. At least not on a beta player level

Will it be livery’s currently available now And no extra ones?

I do not have that information I’m afraid. I will ask and see

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You can get contracts from there?

silly me, I was looking incorrectly :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yeah it’s near the big lake in North America :sweat_smile:

Missing connections (in addition to what was previously described):
LHR-ICN - Asiana A350
LHR-CAI - Egypt Air 777F
LHR-DXB - Royal Brunei 787-8
LHR-CMN - Royal Air Maroc 787-8
LHR-LIN - Air Baltic A320
LHR-BEG - Air Serbia A319

A lot of 767s go to LHR (mainly United), so it is worth integrating the B767 into the game. Also the Airbus A321, as then Jetblue flights would also be visible (LHR-JFK, LHR-BOS)

I recommend using the page below for each airport. Here you can check the airport destinations and exact flights and aircraft types.

The construction between terminal 2A and terminal 2B has already finished, this should be fixed in the game, because two gates are missing from terminal 2B !!!
I recommend modifying the south gates of Terminal 2A, so that there are 6 M gates (now there are 4 M and 1 L gates). In real life, the far right (Gate 221) position used by two M class aircraft (Gate 221L and 221R).


Also their A330F do the route sometimes as well and also LATAM B787-8 have been doing the route lately.

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Egyptair dont even operate 77Fs so thats not missing at all

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Indeed, I messed it up because there is an Egypt Air A332F from Cairo to London


More missing connections:
LHR-SEA - Delta A339 (could be replaced with A333)
LHR-LAX - Delta A339 (could be replaced with A333)
LHR-TUN - Tunisair A320
LHR-SCO - Air Astana A320


LHR-DOH - Qatar A350-9
LHR-ADD - Ethiopian A350-9

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Those models aren’t in game

Yes, that’s the problem.

Hopefully, they will be added in the a350 rework that is(hopefully still) coming out this month

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