Existing Destinations- Missing Info- LHR

Hopefully IB and Finnair A350 be added destinations as well when new model comes out.


Not really sure where to suggest this, but since

(1) The likelihood of any additional UK airports in very low, and
(2) If an additional UK airport is implemented, its a very long ways down the road in the future

I would therefore like to see us able to grab some of the rest of the UK’s airlines as regional contracts at LHR, even though they don’t fly through LHR:

  • Eastern Airways (AT72, E170, E190) to Aberdeen, East Midlands, Humberside, Newquay
  • Easy Jet (A319/320) to Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh, Belfast, Gasgow, Birmingham (AND a selection of their international routes)
  • Jet2 (A320, B738, B752) to Machesterm, Birmingham, Leeds-Bradford, Newcastle, Bristol, Edionburgh, East Midlands, Glasgow, Belfast (and a selection of their international routes)
  • Aurigny Air Sercies Limited (ATR72 / E195) - Isles of Guernsy would be the main place to get this

In addition, It would be nice to pick up some older British airlines that don’t exist anymore, such as Flybe and Thomas Cook as some of their more iconic destinations.

Think if they did add another UK airport in the future then somewhere like East Midlands or Manchester would be good, can’t see them doing any other London airports maybe London City just how different it is from other airports around the world think the closest one to LCY is YTZ Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. But yes be good especially Aurigny as you could use them at other European airports as well.

Was nice hearing a B744 fly over again, also be good if could be added into the game. Just think how quickly that be levelling up.


Any update yet on the Qatar A388 being added to LHR?


I already reported it and it should be fixed by next update

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Still quite a few destinations missing, hope they’re also added

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