Game crashes constantly

Hi all,
the game constantly crashes on me no matter what airport I am playing or how many airplanes there are in the queue. I clear the cache but it doesn’t help. It has become extremely annoying but I love the game. Any ideas why it happens?

I play on Lenovo Tablet YT3-850M, Android 6.0.1


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Are you also getting a ‘Connection lost’ window? If not restart your device and check for app updates. Welcome to the community and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Nope, I do not get any Connection Lost window. The app is up to date, google play as well. Wonder if it is a device problem after all :confused:

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I have the same problem. Some days it’s happening more often, some days less.

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My partner @Paddy4840 has the same problem with it crashing. Mostly plays IAD and just completely closes down without any warning. Loses planes from stands that were being handled.

Playing on Samsung Tab S3 Android latest update


I have the same issue. After +/- 30 minutes of play it usually closes the app without notification.


How peculiar. I’m on an A10, Android 9 and only get the connection lost window.

I regularly get lost connection window on both tablet and phone, even whilst connected to home wifi. Some days I barely get in to the game before I’m kicked out again. On Samsungs Tab S5e and Galaxy S9+ both with latest android.

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That Lenovo is quite low spec maybe that is why, max resolution 1200 pix would suggest to change resolution in game to 50%

Can you also push update of android further than6.0? Sme optimization for 3D graphics is for sure present in new versions of OS
Disconnects are network related not really game fault. Rarely there is an issue server sides but then it disconnects everyone instantly after map is loaded.

s3 is also not very high spec btw.

It sucks because the planes don’t push back and that’s when you know the end is near…

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It is the Samsung Tablet Tab S3 NOT the phone Galaxy S3

Yes i know its not power beast especialy with 10 inch screen.

I get this crash the moment I start to push the number of planes on IAD i.e. activate the speed up arrivals facility. I think the crash happens when there are too many departures in queue rather than arrivals though.

I have made it 50% resolution, turned off sound and music. Still it does crash from time to time.

Yes, my phone is a bit low spec but not too much either.


Since I switched off sound completely, the game has not crashed at all. Just FYI.

Will let them know to check.


after latest update the game crashes every few minutes - iPhone 6. Before this patch it was OK.

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Same problem, started 3 updates ago. Galaxy J7 V

same here Galaxy S10 dual sim 512GB ram, app closes and resets all queues, getting frustrating to play.

Especially since those cargo planes take ages to go through.

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Thats weird playing on same S10 device and no issues.

Do you play IAD?

what do you suggest I could do to fix it?