Game UI - Possible features/updates

The same applies for mct. The starting area is good to get up and running but afterwards you want to close those stands to prevent runway crossings and optimise runway occupancy.


Silver Coins to Gold Coins exchange event/ more options?
Finding myself with almost 300k+ silver coins nowhere to be used.
would be nice if there is, say an additional monthly exchange option of 50k SC to 50GC

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I played for a while assiging planes to stands. Then I left the airport and played another one.
Now I’ve returned and would like to land the plane that corresponds to stand C5.

So I have to scrol through 32 landing planes and click on all the S planes and read their assigned gate.

Can the UI allow us to select a plane by clicking on the Stand to which it has been assigned?


Perhaps you could go into the consteuction mode, and instead of no box appearing, a different colour box would appear, and on the side ofbthe screen, the plane card would come up, and close the menu

Hi Devs, thank you so much for the amazing work!
I have just play the game for the last 4 days, and I can say that I’m addicted to WoA.

I’m sure somewhere in this forum, someone already mentioned about the capability to reset the stands. Means in the beginning we set it up for all size plane, but after we expand the airport, we can readjust it only for specific size of plane.

It would be a cool and useful feature.

Again, this is a great game and I buy the in-game item to support you.