Game UI - Possible features/updates

That’s something I can back, I’ve always wanted to know how one of my aircraft would look internally (layout wise that is)


I’ll put them as close as possible, no isle. 10K₩ per round trip on my B738

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With those standing seats? :seat:

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Is @Plane_Enthusiast secretly Micheal O’Leary?


Who knows :man_shrugging:

Sure, but mark them up to make a profit

Only if he gets a royalty in perpetuity with each ticket haha

The seats would be €25 while the standing is only €1. I can guarantee that theres seats are €0 not to mention that I also looked up Wizz air, easyJet and Jet2 and all of them cost money while Ryanair and Aer Lingus they cost €0

Got rejected by IAA but Ryanair wants to pay to use the toilet and to pay to use EI

Oh and spoiler alert, one of those airlines I booked with them after taking the screen shot