Haug.land green b737 will now arrive with different logic

hi guys, I suppose increasing number of planes to achieve Haug.land aircraft is total nonsense, sorry for that

It was hard to achieve in previous version, but it will be impossible, if the counting number is increasing infinitely :frowning:

With previous version it was 350 / 400 / 450 (for different airports). And it was not 100/200/1000 planes but points.

S-1, M-2, L-3, XL-4 points. It is quite unlikely to have only S-stands (that provides 1point for handling).

Did maths for example BRI:

10 golden planes previously 4500 handling point
10 golden planes now 5500 handling points.

Nonsense is bold statement, i would say that above difference is quite negligable.
PS. i am not sure if it will be bumped by 100 points after 1000 points bonus :slight_smile:

green plane now gives only one gold plane :-/

and the logic is cruel, we get green plane after 100 handlings, then after another 200, another 300 = now we are on 600 together and the number is growing only, can you imagine to handle 1000 planes for one gold???

And yes one plane is a difference - true. Here’s comes the question - do you want them to continue developement of the game or drop it and have no updates at all because resources are taken into something that actually is profitable or at least covers costs?

Free game / without annoying advertisements and movies every 3 minutes. When you have first L plane income is enormous and golden planes are no issue whatsoever.

Try to change a perspective to see other aspects.

it’s obvious you make conclusions too early bro :wink: for me this game is not free, I sponsored twice via ingame purchases and plan to do it every fkin month :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::nerd_face:

I am just talking about infinite increasing handling points to achieve green plane, what is totally insane principle equal to erasing the green one from this beautiful game

I really appreciate all effort of guys made this game and have to say most of changes/updates are nice to me, hopefully to other players too

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More like my point of view - Its a choice not obligation to support right ? :slight_smile:

Anyway i am not sure if its “constantly-endlessly increasing” i have to check maybe there is upper limit with that.

And its very good there are supporters its needed with model decided by devs here.

1100 and rising :- :astonished:


Come on guys, when you have to handle over 1000 planes, you really donť need green plane. You should have enough money, for buying plane just fo changing it. IMHO best value is A320 75k for 4 gold planes.

Little off topic. Have somebody different plane, then B738? Some L or X?

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I do have Concorde and 787. Money is not any issue (hence golden planes) if you have a fleet of 20ish planes.

Good to know.

I mean different green plane from Haug.Land.

For me incoming only B738.

Of course, that i have different planes, too. 3x A340 and 1x A380. And tomorow i’ll buy next A380.

Its only 737 that may come - nothing else.

is the concorde released for all players and if so how do you unlock it?

Nope its for crowfunding campaing (alpha/beta testers) - backers. Part of “thank you” package not accessible by post release players.