Why not add helicopters to world of airp


Low range, less passengers and bad to include in the landing sequence for my opinion.

I have mentioned this before:

There’s a US Coast Guard base right by the harbor next to the San Diego Airport. The base is already visible in-game, so it would be nice if they can add the US Coast Guard helicopters in-game as a tiny easter egg.

UATC tried to do this and they made a horrible mess of it. Yes INN has one as an Easter Egg, but I’m not sure the game is ready for helicopters yet in general game play.
Maybe down the road once the game is built out, but right now it would also be a mess.

There’s the North Island Naval Air Station Neighbouring it Wich houses the C40 Clipper (B737), C-2 Greyhound(E-2 Hawkeye) and lots of Seahawk Helicopters (Blackhawk)
Sometimes the Hercs land there too but it’s also the base of the 4 Carriers (USS Carl Vinson, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Miguel Keith)
Learjets, Transporters and Fighters also often visit this site