How to create connections in 2.0

Below are the screenshots needed from your own planes to get to the box to create connections. Be advised your aircraft will remain on stand and not able to be handled until the request is accepted


@Mezz heres how to create connections. Random connections come through the contract type. So there isn’t a button to push now for that

How to send aircraft to random player? I dont see any

You can’t. Random aircraft are received through the contract system if someone sends them as a generic aircraft (rather than a named user), however you don’t see who picks it up.
The random system in V1 was not really successful and most of the random aircraft happened because connections couldn’t be completed on time. With that being removed in V2, random options were even less needed.

To compensate, you can now have as many connections as you like with as many players as you have contracts space for. Unlike the old 1:1 system, way more flexibility and you only need to do 10 trips now, not 100 as before and it’s repeatable.