How will you unlock SXM?

If LEJ is almost 80% of cargo stands, for unlocking SXM, would you need it in Cargo Tons?

The devs have not yet confirmed the unlock criteria, although hopefully it will be cargo. I would prepare regardless and start handling as many pax planes as you can.

We are waiting for answer from devs in this matter.

Yeah, we hope it’s cargo, because it’s very easy and fast to handle

I think nobody knows, only the devs. We will see it, hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Personally I dont expect it :slight_smile:

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I also don’t expect it to be cargo either.

I feel it does make sense if we need to handle enough cargo to unlock SXM.

I noticed that in the hangar and aircraft purchase we can see a capacity for cargo aircrafts (1 unit=100kg I suggest?).

My question here is that if we get this record logged on the game server. As we cannot find it anywhere in the game.

If yes, I think unlocking by cargo handled is more reasonable. Otherwise, we may have to handle enough passengers…

Unless the devs decide to go off what they been doing in terms of increasing passenger numbers, and bring it down to 500,000 or 750,000

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Well, I suspect they have to do so if they opt for this way. When only considering the passenger terminal, BRI and LEJ have no significant difference.

However I am not totally sure how many passengers will be counted for different types of cargo planes. I only know they do contribute to the stats.

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From what I remember, only the pilots - around 2-4…

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Just use GP :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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I doubt it to be honest. The devs mever have decreased the amount of passengers we need to handle. A good example is SAN. Although it has way less L/X stands we need to handle 1M passengers like at IAD and NGO. They always increase the passengers we need to handle at big airports and keep it the same as the last airport when it is smaller.

I didn’t consider contracts either. Under the new system we will be able to win contracts for any arrival within range, which means countless potential routes at LEJ. Perhaps this will be the justification for a pax unlock for SXM

Still only 3 l/x pax stands though and they’re remote which adds handling time. It’s great that more l/x arrivals will be available through contracts but when you only have 3 stands to handle them, it’s going to take a while to build up pax numbers.

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I believe the 3 remote stands you’re referring to are M only, and the 4 stands with jet bridges are M/L with one being an X stand too. I can’t guarantee that, Im just going off what the devs have said and what I can see from the WIP posts.

I mean in LEJ

I am more worried how often L/X planes will arrive than how many stands we have to handle them

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We are talking Leipzig, not SXM

My bad. Disregard