Hi my question is how do you put a plane on the radar I am new to this game started about a week ago also how do you unlock new airports because when I went to the radar you cant see arrivals or departures in the airport that you start at. So is it if you unlock a new airport and have a flight landing from London for example then will it show on the radar.

Thank you so much to whoever responds to this

You can see only player owned aircraft on radar.

To unlock a new airport you have to handle a certain amount of passengers at the airport you are playing. The numbers can be found in the menu with the airport selection. Once you reach that number you have to claim the “unlock” feature in the top menu bar while playing at the airport (it’s the one with the trophy)

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What do you mean by player owned aircraft

you can buy your own aircraft and send it around the world. generates way more money than handling other aircraft

So I buy an aircraft from the hangar and where do I go to send it and can I also sendthe plane that you start off with in the game

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Alright, after getting a certain amount of golden planes/money you can buy your own aircraft. With the aircraft it’ll appear on the radar and you can send it to other players.

lots if the stuff is explained here:

On the Radar, Why are some cities yellow?

Airports in Develoment, I believe.

@AviaWilliam is correct, the 3 that are yellow are MSY (New Orleans), MCT (Muscat) and NGO (Nagoya)…
If you look at the options when you try to change airports, those 3 match with NGO coming first. The only one missing is PRG 2035 which is an upgrade of the existing PRG to mirror the real life master plan for the airport but as we already have a version of that, it shows as blue.

There is an active process for suggesting new airports and right now DXB (Dubai) and SYD (Sydney) seem to be the favorites based on the feed back page created by the Devs.

Thank you