I need some help here!

Hi All,
It’s me again I need some help here I’m debating if I should go for the B747 or B748F I’m also wondering if I should get the 777F but I’m not sure how much these planes make and are they worth it?
If you could help me out it will be much appreciated!

Hello! What goal do you want to reach? (connections, goldfarming, income) And which airport do you have in mind as homebase for these aircrafts? In my opinion these questions have to be answered for any advice. Bye

If you are at Nagoya, go for 747’s and use them on route to San Juan (Central America). This will help you to farm golden planes.

My goal is to make income I’m planning to grind GP with L planes (A332 to be exact) because of this I’ll be losing more money than usual so I need an aircraft to keep the ₩ pumping. Also I don’t have an X plane or an cargo plane in my fleet so it would be a nice addition to have them in my fleet. If I do get one of these planes I will probably base them at PRG,IAD and NGO and in future MCT.

I thought grinding with X planes was a bad idea.


Also with L planes.

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The best plane to grind GP is the E190. It is the cheapest M-tier plane for 2 GP.

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Maybe this calculation might be helpful:

So you can determine which route is the most profitable for the choosen aircraft.
You can earn money with cargo L an X planes in IAD by sending to MEM or YYZ though it’s a bit boring in my opinion.

I already know that but thanks.

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Thank you, @UniqueGolem3982

Thanks for helping! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
but do I get the B747 first or the B748F first? I’m still debating if I should get one of them.

If your just going to use it for money making & not connections then I’d go for the 747 cargo, it earns more than anything else on the shorter routes, even more than the A380. I wouldn’t use it at PRG as it only has 2 cargo slots & it takes ages to turnaround, but for IAD & NGO they’re a good buy. As someone has pointed out it is a bit boring sending it from IAD to MEM constantly but it’ll do 3 trips a day easy and it’s a great earner.

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Personally, I’d go with the PAX 747 first. It’s cheaper and (I think anyways) quicker to handle. However, I would suggest having both.

If I’m not mistaken, the 747-8F is the only cargo aircraft to be more expensive than its passenger variant!

Il throw a screenshot of the aircraft details, just in case they are of any use to anyone.

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To the advices above I totally agree. If you want to have enough passengers to unlock the next airport you should take the pax 747. The cargo 74F needs less attention at handling.

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I thought about doing the same thing but get the B748F first and then the B747. I’m starting to doubt if the A333 is coming in the next update so I guess I’ll have to stick with the A332 for my fleet at BRI and NGO. I’m hoping to get both planes when MCT get released.

I don’t want to unlock SAN so I’ll stick with the B748F

When you have the needed passenger limit I would do it for some nice screenshots of the scenery :slightly_smiling_face: