Iad - only landing planes are s / m

Hi, seem to have an issue with IAD, only getting S / M planes landing, only had this issue 2 days or so, never been a problem in the past.

any issues with my account / login / username details ?

any help

Did you cancel all l/x arrivals or not have any stands for the.

Hi, no, not cancelled anything, i did get 5 x A350 in a row, then 11 or so CRJs , and 20 odd B737/320 in a row, but nothing as it was.

in fact, at one stage, i had zero aircraft on stands.

have just checked the “to land list” in top corner, i have 20-30 L/X planes in the queue, but seems some blockage…

Devs - can you free this up for me ? what do you need ?

The recent update sort of locked all planes into a landing order, so just wait and they will land

OK, will wait and see. presume then a known issue, if an update issued.

FAO : Devs, it seems this issue ( one type of a/c only landing in batches ( xxx B737 in a row / xxx A320 in a row / xxx B787 in a row ) , has spread to Prague now, as well as WASHINGTON.

can you check my profile/account/name etc , to check if any issues your side ?

not too sure who to contact really.


I’ve sent this off to the devs. Will let you know when I get an answer

thanks Mate

It’s all airports

So, is it classed as a ‘glitch’ , that will be rectified in an update ? as at the moment, it is not as ‘lifelike’ as it was prior to this last update.

i end up with no L or X planes on the ground at IAD.

Personally I haven’t had that problem and i have sizeable fleets of both at IAD (M and L/X), but I will check tonight to see if something has changed.

Never noticed this before. Strange

yep, exactly what i am getting, can only presume its a glitch after the last update, awaiting someone on the development team to confirm, hoping it goes back to random a/c in the next update.

It’s a new feature I belive.

If so, it is unrealistic then , compared to how the game used to be .

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Maybe i hadn’t noticed before, but it is now all m,y airports, this morning i had 18x B737s land in a row at NAGOYA, followed by 7 x B787s, this airport also now gets to a time, where i have literally ZERO aircraft on the stands at certain times.

i do think the Devs need to rethink this landing pattern, and revert back to ‘real life’ patterns.

wonder why no one at the top has answered this thread yet ?

at Nagoya, yest, all planes on the deck ( 25 maybe -were all B747/A380s), i had no free stands to be able to land my L fleet planes , until i sped up the on stand service.

will this flaw be rectified in an upcoming update… it is very frustrating.

Honestly I’ve played NGO over the weekend and I am not experiencing this issue. I have sent it to the devs to look at, but they have been at the Dubai Air Show.

Question: are you multi sending your aircraft to a specific destination
I.e 757’s all to HKG for example?

Ta mate, happens at all airports i play…

when i send my planes out, they go to diff airports.