Incorrect timers between airplane and service timer

Please look into this bug. First screenshot, airplane timer was 28min and the fuel pump was at 19 min; a while later. Airplane timer was 18min and the fuel pump was 13 min. This has caused me a couple of XL planes. I can only post 1 photo :x

The timers actually managed to overtake each other!!

same problem in NGO!

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Happens everywhere I don’t know why but the fuel is slow.

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Yeah happens to me in prg but my B747F doesnt seems to experience this issue

It’s only at jetway gates

My experience from NGO

Here is the example.

X aircraft 747 - fuel was the only service left
Main Timer on plane 15:00 left
Timer on fuel 4:20 left
Refuel should finish at 10:40 main timer left
Refuel finished at 6:20 main timer left
Difference between 10:40 and 6:20 is 4 minutes 20 seconds!!! It should take 4:20 and in the end refueling took 8:40.