Incorrect timers between airplane and service timer

Please look into this bug. First screenshot, airplane timer was 28min and the fuel pump was at 19 min; a while later. Airplane timer was 18min and the fuel pump was 13 min. This has caused me a couple of XL planes. I can only post 1 photo :x

The timers actually managed to overtake each other!!

same problem in NGO!

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Happens everywhere I don’t know why but the fuel is slow.

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Yeah happens to me in prg but my B747F doesnt seems to experience this issue

It’s only at jetway gates

My experience from NGO

Here is the example.

X aircraft 747 - fuel was the only service left
Main Timer on plane 15:00 left
Timer on fuel 4:20 left
Refuel should finish at 10:40 main timer left
Refuel finished at 6:20 main timer left
Difference between 10:40 and 6:20 is 4 minutes 20 seconds!!! It should take 4:20 and in the end refueling took 8:40.

I can confirm this happens to me as well at Muscat. Seems like a global problem in the game with XL planes and fuel timers

Ok, let’s clear this up for everyone that doesn’t know. The reason that the fuel and other services seem ‘out of whack’ is something to do with the code not working between when you ‘assign a plane to a JETWAY stand’, and all of the service times changing as Jetways are supposed to lower the amount of time for passenger boarding and all the other services (by the looks of how it is designed). Before you allow a plane to land, take a close look at the service times. Once that plane arrives at the jetway stand, start a stopwatch and time one of the services. You should notice (unless I’m mistaken) that it matches the original time, although the ‘service time change’ says otherwise. So, either the code was ONLY meant to cut the passenger boarding/deboarding time in half (or whatever time the airport is coded for) and instead cut down all of the other service times ACCORDING TO THE UI as well, or the rest of the services are actually meant to be cut down as well, but the code doesn’t allow it to do so for whatever reason.

Note: I have actually timed it myself and it turned out to be true, unless someone can correct me on it. I’m open to criticism of this message.

Also note how the times don’t change for ‘remote stands’, only stands with jetways.