INN-BRI Connection Requests


Looking for connections to my BRI

ID eddy3999

I am located in Europe

Hope to connect with you soon

Need connection for BRI
Username: 3pleXz
Tzone: UTC+2

Need a connection to my BRI from INN & LEJ

NAME: l0newalker
GMT -4

I’ll connect with with you.


I would like to finish my INN to your PGR,LEJ,BRI and MCT

Name: tobinampur
UTC: +2 (Berlin/Praha)

Looking for connection, your BRI to my INN
T4fty iXi

Looking for connection to my INN to your BRI.
User: strife326
Time zone: PST/ UTC +7

Do you hav a discord id?

Looking for connection INN BRI UTC+0
dont know how to estimate a connection. Can anyon take me by the hand?

I am looking for Connection INN BRI UTC+1
Ihav no idea how to make the first Connection
Please respond.

Looking for a connection from my INN to your BRI.

Id: MakeoMing
Timezone: Germany


Buenas Tardes.

Soy nuevo en el juego estoy en el aeropuerto INN - BRI

Quiero saber como activo conexiones online.
el que tenga respuesta por favor responder

Hi, I’m looking for a connection too.

ID: jamysle1
Timezone: UTC +1


From my INN to your BRI connection needed!

  1. Game user ID:Gerasimos.P
  2. Timezone: UTC+2 (Greece)
  3. I play all day long

Hello, looking for a connection from my INN to your BRI

User: vasi1081
Timezone: CET (Berlin)
I’m playing pretty much all day long