INN-BRI Connection Requests


Use this thread for INN-BRI connection requests. make sure you read the pinned guidelines before posting

Sharpy, I am still busy with school (so I cannot send/handle player aircrafts, but somewhere between june 10th -20th I will return.) Enjoy your day.

I can connect, I’m unsure my timezone relative to UTC but I can tell I’m MDT and I’ve recently been inactive, so if I don’t handle your planes don’t worry

this is what it’s just told me

If you are on Mountain time, it’s UTC -7

User id : bhazcex
Play most of the time. Not much active on Mondays

Have a small fleet of 4 planes

I had the random connection finder turned on on accident. I just requested the connection with you.

Alright I’ll accept it

Id: phpedrini
Time: UTC-3

I play almost everydays (no saturdays). I can handle planes between 11:30-15:30 / 16:30-19:30 / 21:30-02:30 UTC. I need connection for both INN and BRI. I have 8 planes at INN and a bit more at BRI.

Looking for connection for the acheivment
Timezone : UTC - 6, though I am out of state in Oregon so I will be UTC - 5 for the next week and a half
Times: whenever I can, if I have time when I get the notification then I can help you
ID: horsepowergeek

Looking for connection

IGN: marechkon33

Utc: -7 feel free to add or inbox for further details

I’m new and working INN looking for a connection in BRI.
USER NAME: tripled60
on almost daily off and on all day

i’m looking for a connection from my bri - inn

User Name: Weißer Luchs 11

UTC +2 Germany

Username - liquidaura51
UTC +2
Playing everyday from the late mornings and afternoons. Feel free to connect with me.


I’m looking for connction from
my INN to your BRI

My timezone is UTC+2 central Europe, and I play from morning to evening
I have a lot of M size planes

Username: kryll26

I’m waiting for request…

Hello, I am new to this game! And I love it!! I’m just wondering if anyone wants to connect for players connection for BRI to INN? Could really do with the help

Username: kayleigh.9

GMT + 0

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Is this your Bari or your Innsbruck?
Happy to help either way.
I’m GMT and username Gardscoigne if you want to send a request, and can help from either end.

Hello, I’m a new in the game and I glad to help anyone to INN airport.
I’m live in Brazil, UTC -3 and my username is ShadowSTH.

Hey man, how are you?
I made a connection with my airport in INN with yours in BRI.
Thank you so much for helping me.

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Hi, you’re very welcome! I think our times are close enough to make work pretty well, but if you have any preferred times, just let me know and I’ll work around it!