International Aviation Group

Welcome to International Aviation Group, where we hope to start operations to all of the airports within the WoA universe
I will not go onto a tangent, but I would like to ask a few restrictions

  • One Member per airport in the game (Taken airports include LHR, SXM )
    -Airlines must operate at least one aircraft in the alliance livery (pictured below)
  • Give priority to alliance destinations (say there is a member at Leipzig, I would send an aircraft to Leipzig before Madrid)
  • Aircraft should be handled in a timely manner (anything less that 4 days tops)
    I will leave the rest to be decided. Any member who wants to become a member of the alliance, should DM me asking for membership OR comment in this post, asking for membership
    I hope to get this up and running as soon as possible!! (And NO I did not model this after real life IAG)

We hope you have as much fun with your Alliance as we have.

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Can I join as a member based at SXM