International Aviation Group

@Desertsundevil sorry for the late response dod not think you wer talking to me. My user is Ramses Air. I have the 77W so I can send you one however I have 3 people waiting on a contract from me so it may be a bit.

Also for the Alliance livery what collors are the primary, secondary and accent.

MCT is run by @FloatingFighter4851 and their player ID is Floatingfighter4851
LHR is run by @A321NX and my player ID is A321-271NX
SAN and IAD is run by @Desertsundevil and their player ID is jay24will
SXM is run by @GroundBusZ038 and their player ID is Ramses Air
LEJ is run by @WOAFan and their player ID is Thooslook
PRG is run by @Teddythefire and their player ID is teddythefire

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Thanks for giving out the IDs. Now I will start sending out some contracts.

I could run IAD if @Desertsundevil is okay with running only 1 airport, where my strongest fleet is. I could also run PRG if IAG needs more European airports. My player ID is teddythefire

I’m OK with keeping the 2 airports. I play enough to handle them both. I like having a Europe airport.

Can you send me Your alliance livery so I can put it on my fleet planes

Okay, all my airplanes are painted in the alliance livery but if you want to manually apply it, it is located under the post.

It would be awesome for you to run PRG, as we only have LHR in Europe!

Yea, I see your flight but I find it a little complex how we will operate with 2 people at LHR? even though it is against the rules, I will allow it until SYD comes out, and then I will move to SYD and you can take LHR.

I can also operate out of LEJ

:warning: :warning: IMPORTANT :warning: :warning:
Due to the number of members that are now in the IAG, I need to put some more policies into place
-Please try to only send flights from the airport that you are assigned to, It is really challenging for me to have to select gates together for 30 aircraft.
-Please send only at max 4 flights to each airport (does not involve cargo). LHR is at it’s max right now and I have been having to cancel key routes that BA flies.
-In case anything happens, the second in command is @GroundBusZ038
----Sorry about this, this alliance has just grown faster than could have imagined!-----

Would it help if I sent S aircraft to LHR? That way I would not be taking up L or M gate space. Or would the fact that it makes much less wollars per round trip be bad?

Sure, I am going to send an a320 to you, but a M would be best

Edited logo, feel free to use as you like!


How you make that. Very cool

For those who don’t know. They are a real company, I found there website

Well, I think the group gets a pass since the one IRL is International AIR Group :slight_smile:

We do have the same logo though, other than the text.


Oh, that tricked me thinking it’s a fan adding it to WOA, my mistake :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: