International Aviation Group

Any one thinking of sending to me at SXM please do not beacuse I have 0 contract capacity because some person decided to send me 13 B752s.

@Desertsundevil Why, why did you send me 14 B752s?

This is the working livery for the IAG. This was my design any similarities to other things is
complete coincidence.

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Ooooops! Is that a lot? I’ll cancel them then. Sorry…

It is a lot, I can finnish them but please dont send more because I no longer have space at my SXM.

The next project on my end is trying to collect enough Golden Coins to unlock the A350. Once I do I will be sending A350’s to ALL of the members outside of Europe. This may take about 2 more weeks to unlock but just be aware that once I get them, the current aircraft, whether they are A340’s or A321NEO’s will be pulled from those routes and replaced,

IAG President, Operator of Heathrow
WoA tag @A321-271NX

Thanks, look forward to receiving them

Regarding Liveries
If you have not seen I have posted a working livery for the alliance for when WoA allows custom liveries. The livery will be required in every persons fleet same as the current livery. If anyone wants a custom livery designed for their ailrline just contact me and give me the criteria and I will have a design done in a few days.

IAG Vice President, Operator of SXM
WoA tag @Ramses Air

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Please try to refrain from using the comment section in the post from contacting one another, please use the chat room you have been added to!
IAG President
WoA tag @A321-271NX

You guys interested in getting planes from us?
We might have a few (=lots of) extra planes anyways.

Wait you have spare aircraft? I know I’m a neutral player ie. Not part of an alliance but am available tomorrow afternoon if you want it.

Not literally aircraft but many of us have millions in cash lying around. So practically yes we have the aircraft. Please DM me what airport you play and where you would like planes.

we just need INN & BRI

Hello, question, I have spaces in LHR for passengers and cargo size L and X, my user is aguajet26 If you have some planes, you can send me the daily game, only 2 I could accept.

Hey um bro I was thinking about an allaince merger becuase currently I have my own recnetly createad allaince but I was thinking of merging into your allaince so we would have a regional part of IAG, like is it ok or you need time to think? :confused: